UV Lamp delivers light to hard-to-reach places.

Press Release Summary:

Spectroline® AP-800 UltraWand(TM) 8-watt UV lamp is 1 in. in diameter and 30 in. long. It plugs into ac outlet or generator with 12 ft cord. Lamp delivers steady-state UV irradiance of 4,800 pWM/cm2 at 1 in., so inspectors can see cracks and defects. Applications include inspecting inside of pipelines for defective welds or hydrocarbon contamination and conducting internal wet magnetic-particle and liquid-penetrant examinations.

Original Press Release:

Magic Wand Exposes Flaws That Hide from Conventional UV Lamps!

NDT inspectors now have a powerful new tool - the Spectroline® AP-800 UltraWand(TM) UV lamp - for checking those tight areas where conventional lamps won't fit. The AP-800 replaces expensive UV boroscopes. Only one inch (2.5 cm) in diameter and 30 inches (76.2 cm) long, the 8-watt lamp delivers UV light to hard-to-reach places that formerly defied inspection.

The AP-800 plugs into any AC outlet or generator with its 12-foot (3.7 m) cord. It is ideal for detecting foreign matter or flaws between jet-engine turbine blades, inspecting the inside of pipelines for defective welds or hydrocarbon contamination, and for conducting internal wet magnetic-particle and liquid-
penetrant examinations.

The AP-800 concentrates all its UV light where it is needed most - at the end of the 30-inch, anodized aluminum probe. It delivers a steady-state UV-A (365nm) irradiance of 4,800 pW/cm2 at one inch, so inspectors can clearly see cracks, defects and other critical indications when they reach them. Its super light weight - only 16 ounces (0.45 kg) - ensures longer, less fatiguing inspection sessions.

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