UV Borescopes are used in NDT dye penetration tests.

Press Release Summary:

UV Rigid Borescope, UV VideoFlex series Videoscope, and UV Section Borescope remotely detect surface flaws and cracks in hard to reach areas of mechanical components in non-destructive test (NDT) applications. UV Rigid and Sectional Borescopes, respectively, identify details/flaws as small as 0.001 and 0.0005 in. Featuring 4-way tip articulation and integrated control/display hand piece with 6.4 in. LCD display, UV VideoFlex Videoscope has totally steerable 4-way, 150° articulated tip.

Original Press Release:

New UV Borescopes from Lenox Offer Solution for the Hard to Reach Area NDT Borescope Inspection

Trevose, PA, February 19, 2009 -- Lenox Instrument Company, the manufacturer of the original borescope, today announced a new line of Ultra-Violet (UV) Borescopes designed to be used in non-destructive testing (NDT) dye penetration tests. The UV Borescope can remotely detect surface flaws and cracks in hard to reach areas of mechanical components normally inaccessible to visual inspection.

"These tests use a penetrant fluorescent dye that is applied to the surface to be viewed and allowed to penetrate into surface defects," explained Paul Lang, Vice President of Lenox. "The dye remains in defects after cleaning and can be observed when it fluoresces under the ultra-violet light from the UV Borescope."

The Lenox Ultra-Violet Borescope is commonly used for quality control, maintenance, and finished product evaluation to identify cracks or defects in a turbine engine, aerospace part, automotive part, aircraft inspection, gun barrel inspection, nuclear power plant, military application, chemical or refining plant, foundry, casting plant, research and development laboratory and other manufacturing facilities.

Lenox UV Borescopes are available in three borescope varieties including rigid borescope, flexible videoscope and section borescope. Each borescope configuration is suited for unique visual inspection applications.

The UV Rigid Borescope can be used to identify details and flaws as small as 0.001 inch. With a variety of probes (direct, forward oblique, to-the-side or retrospective), magnifications and fields of view available, any type of cavity can be easily and effectively probed, on any budget. UV Rigid Borescopes feature rugged stainless steel construction; they are available in diameters from 4 mm (0.157 in.) to 10 mm (0.395 in.), and lengths from 17.8 cm (7 in.) to 160 cm (63 in.).

The Lenox UV VideoFlex series Videoscope is an easy-to-use, high-resolution, remote imaging system featuring 4-way tip articulation and an integrated control / display hand piece with a 6.4-inch LCD display. It features a tight bending radius and a totally steerable 4-way, 150 degree articulated tip that allows easy manipulation around corners, through bends and past blockages. The working portion of the scope is available in diameters of 6.0 mm (.236 in.) or 8.4 mm (.330 in.), with lengths to 7.5 m (24.6 feet).

Also available is the Lenox UV Sectional Borescopes which are modular in design and allow the user to add extender sections to provide long working lengths up to 120 feet (36.6 m). Lenox sectional, extendable borescopes are available in diameters of 23, 35, 45, and 70 mm and deliver uncompromising image resolution to allow identification of flaws as small as 0.0005 in. Various viewing heads like right angle, bottoming, retrospective, forward oblique and circumference are available for Lenox sectional, extendable borescopes. All Lenox sectional, extendable borescopes can be provided with a Lenox color video minicamera that attaches to the eyepiece and produces crisp, clear, high-resolution, images.

The new Lenox UV Borescopes and UV Videoscopes come with a high-power 200W UV light source supplying ultra-violet light centered at 365 nm wavelength. It features a white light/UV light selection knob and mechanical knob for brightness adjustment.

Lenox UV Borescope and Videocope images can be viewed and recorded for archiving on either a digital MP4, 20 GB hard drive video recorder/player with a high-resolution 7 inch display or on a digital video recorder/player with a high-resolution 7 inch display that stores images on 8mm tape or memory card.

Each Ultra-Violet Borescope is designed, manufactured and serviced in-house by Lenox Instrument Company, and is backed by a two-year warranty.

For more information on UV Borescopes, please contact Lenox Instrument Company, Inc., 265 Andrews Road, Trevose, PA 19053-3427 USA; Tel: 1-800-356-1104 or 215-322-9990; Fax: 215-322-6126; E-mail: sales@lenoxinst.com; Web: www.lenoxinst.com.

For more than 80 years, Lenox Instrument Company has been serving the defense, power generation, and industrial markets by solving their most challenging, and often, hostile remote image acquisition. Located outside Philadelphia, in Bucks County PA, Lenox is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of premier Remote Vision Instruments (R.V.I.) Lenox offers a full line of borescopes, videoscopes, and light sources. Lenox also manufactures FireSight, our exclusive line of high temperature boiler and furnace camera systems. All Lenox products are factory-serviced and backed by industry-leading warranties.

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