UV Air Purifier treats entire air stream in one pass.

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Suited for light commercial and residential applications, Bio-Wall QUATTRO destroys up to 99.9% of biological and chemical contaminants in air stream. Three 18 in. high-intensity, pure-fused quartz UVC germicidal lamps and one 18 in. high-intensity, pure-fused quartz UVC/UVV lamp are attached to 4 parabolic reflectors. Adjustable mounting brackets allow assembly to be positioned in center of ductwork, creating radiated wall of germicidal energy up to 24 in. deep.

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Sanuvox Technologies Introduces Light Commercial / Residential UV Purifier Able to Destroy Up To 99.9% of Contaminants in the Air-Stream at Once

Montreal, Canada - Sanuvox Technologies introduces the first residential ultraviolet air purifier which will treat the entire volume of air flowing over it in one single pass. Based on the overwhelmingly successful design of the Commercial UV Bio-Wall, which received its U.S. Patent in March 2004, the Bio-Wall QUATTRO can achieve a 'kill factor' of up to 99.9%.

In January 2002, Sanuvox introduced the UV Bio-Wall, a commercial in-duct UV air purifier designed to treat the entire volume of air passing over it. In order to treat a commercial duct, the UV Bio-Wall required a length of 40", 50" or 60", depending on air volume and velocity. By installing purifiers up to 5 ft. in length, parallel to the air stream, the contaminants in that air stream were directly exposed to the UV dosage needed to destroy them.

Until now, Sanuvox has been manufacturing the R1500X, R3500X and C2000X In-Duct Purifiers, which, although very effective, relied on the re-circulation of the air to bring the overall level of contamination down. This is where the QUATTRO excels; the Bio-Wall QUATTRO can treat the entire air stream in one pass. With the introduction of the UV Bio-Wall QUATTRO, light commercial and residential applications can now benefit from a High Intensity UV air purifier that will destroy up to 99.9% of the biological and chemical contaminants in the air stream in one single pass.

The Quattro includes three (3) 18" High Intensity Pure Fused Quartz UVC Germicidal Lamps and one (1) 18" High Intensity Pure Fused Quartz UVC / UVV Lamp, which are attached to four (4) Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors and are mounted parallel to the air stream. Adjustable mounting brackets permit the Lamps and Reflectors to be extended up to 15" from the duct wall so the assembly can be positioned in the center of the ductwork, creating a radiated wall of Germicidal energy up to 24" deep.

"Until the advent of the UV Bio-Wall, it was almost impossible to effectively treat the entire volume of air passing through a commercial duct in one pass because the air was moving much too fast, and was too far away from the UV Light to receive an effective dose of radiation. In the past, banks of UV lamps would have to be attached along the inside of the ductwork, and only then, a fraction of that UV intensity would ever make it to the moving air. When the UV Bio-Wall was released, the applications varied form Bio-terrorism to mold control in hospitals, to the destruction of chemical contaminants in schools. The UV Bio-Wall provided a cost effective and easy to install method of drastically improving Indoor Air Quality and making it an immediate favorite for contractors, engineers and facility managers." said Dr. Normand Brais, President of Sanuvox Technologies Inc.

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Sanuvox Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of multi U.S. patented UV Air Purifiers and UV Coil Cleaners. Sanuvox manufactures UV Air Purifiers for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The Sanuvox line consists of germicidal, UV-C & UV-V purifiers, HEPA / Filter / UV-C / UV-V units as well as germicidal Coil Cleaners. Sanuvox is committed to offering a full line of engineered Air Purifiers and Coil Cleaners to solve the problems associated with IAQ.

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