UV Absorber adds UVA and UVB protection to sunscreens.

Press Release Summary:

Optisol(TM) ultraviolet (UV) filter consists of titanium dioxide formulation with manganese, which absorbs UVA and acts to stop formation of free radicals in titanium dioxide. Featuring photostable formulation that will not be broken down by sun, product composition also helps to protect cosmetic additives from UV damage, allowing them to retain efficacy for longer period of time.

Original Press Release:

Oxonica's Optisol UV Absorber is Now Available to Buy at Boots' Stores Nationwide

Oxonica Ltd, a leading European technology company, has patented a revolutionary new UV filter called Optisol. As of this month, Optisol(TM) is available on shelves as an active component of Boots' new Soltan Facial Sun Defence Cream.

Optisol offers several major benefits over existing filters. In addition to protecting against UVB, the traditional focus of sun protection, Optisol offers enhanced protection against UVA light. It is now believed that UVA light is also responsible for skin damage and sunscreens sold in the UK have a star rating, developed by Boots PLC, to indicate the amount of UVA protection offered. Test data has shown that sunscreens formulated with Optisol can provide enhanced protection against both UVB and UVA.

Optisol is a milder, longer lasting and innovative new form of titanium dioxide, a commonly used ingredient in sunscreens which acts to absorb UV light. A tiny amount of manganese is incorporated within the titanium dioxide, adding major benefits; the manganese absorbs extra UVA giving a higher level of protection and also acts to stop the formation of free radicals in the titanium dioxide. These effects give enhanced performance which is extremely photostable, ensuring that the product's ability to protect isn't broken down by the sun.

Further benefits are seen in a broader cosmetic context. Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C are commonly added to cosmetic products to scavenge free radicals and promote healthy skin. However, the anti-oxidants themselves can be degraded by UV. Optisol provides additional performance benefits by acting to protect vitamins and plant extracts from UV allowing these cosmetic anti-oxidants to retain efficacy for longer. In this way, Optisol further helps to prevent cell damage and premature skin ageing. Optisol also enhances the cosmetic performance of formulated products, with users reporting an immediate improvement in skin tone and radiance.

Mike Brown, Boots Suncare Scientific Adviser, who played a central role in the creation of the new range of Soltan Facial sun protection said:

"The addition of Optisol to the new Soltan 5 Star facial sun care range offers people the best sun care protection on the market. It is essential to choose a sunscreen with good UVA protection. The new Soltan Facial suncare range, offers higher levels of protection from UVA rays for the same SPF, whilst also reducing the formation of free radicals on the skin. In this way, it works not only to protect against the immediate effects of over exposure to sunlight, but also as a long-term anti-ageing agent. Optisol is the next generation of sun protection as it offers milder, better and longer lasting protection. One can rest assured that the delicate skin around the face and neck area is protected from damage arising from exposure to the sun."

David Browning, Business Director, Oxonica Healthcare said:

"We are delighted that Boots have enhanced their sun protection range through the inclusion of Optisol as an important component of the new Boots Soltan Facial Sun Defence Cream. Boots are renowned as innovators in sun care technology and their early adoption of Oxonica's UV technology provides an excellent endorsement of the potential of Optisol as a revolutionary UV absorber and free radical scavenger product within the sun care and cosmetics area."

Oxonica is also in discussions with other major cosmetic companies regarding inclusion of Optisol in their sun care and cosmetic ranges.

The Company is looking to build relations worldwide and has recently signed their first distribution agreement with Hanjoo C&C Co. Ltd, to further market Optisol UV Absorber in South Korea.

About Oxonica - www.oxonica.com

Oxonica Limited is a leading European technology group, with products already launched into the global market.

The company was spun-out in 1999 from the University of Oxford and is based in Oxford, England. Oxonica currently employs 30 professional staff and is led by a strong and commercially experienced management team.

Oxonica's mission is to develop commercial solutions from technology. It owns a diverse portfolio of demand driven products that offer substantial benefits to the target markets of environmental, healthcare and materials.

Lead products include:

o Envirox(TM) Fuel Borne Catalyst - A nanocatalyst optimising fuel economy and reducing emissions

o Optisol(TM) UV Absorber - A range of ultra-stable UVA absorbers with enhanced free radical scavenging, with immediate applications in sunscreens and other cosmetics

Oxonica is also active in searching for the next generation of products and is already engaged in developing transformational detection technologies which will enable a new generation of diagnostic products for the clinical diagnostic and life science markets.

In addition, the company is developing other UV absorber technologies into polymer systems and coatings, based on similar technologies to that used in Optisol.

Optisol and Envirox are trademarks of Oxonica Ltd.

For further information please contact:

Sonia Bouzid, PR & Marketing Communications, Oxonica. sonia.bouzid@oxonica.com +44 (0) 1865 856 728

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