UTStarcom Launches DOCSIS-EOC Application

BEIJING, -- UTStarcom Holdings Corp. ("UTStarcom" or "the Company") (NASDAQ: UTSI) a leading provider of interactive, IP-based network solutions in iDTV, IPTV, Internet TV and broadband for cable and telecom operators, today announced the launch of its DOCSIS-EOC application ("EOC application"), which is a standard connection product based on coaxial cable and designed for the final 100 meters of connection between fiber optic cables and users' terminal, includes set-top boxes, telephones and PCs.

UTStarcom's EOC application follows the Homeplug AV EOC standard and integrates the connection feature of China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television ("SARFT")'s coaxial cable to provide a superior quality connection. DOCSIS-EOC allows for 500 unique access points and provides 800Mbps broad width at the low end and 160Mbps broad width at the high end.

The EOC application is a component of UTStarcom's EPON solution which helps operators construct a sophisticated network as the industry enters an era of smart grid digitalization. UTStarcom was among the first companies to execute large-scale deployment of EPON, and has achieved more than 7 million port applications in some of the most developed FTTH regions such as China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, as well as regions like the United States, the Caribbean, Russia, and others. In the China market, UTStarcom has already deployed its EPON solution in 30 provinces. UTStarcom's EPON solution has a reputation for excellent quality, long-distance coverage, reliable support services, easy maintenance and customizable configurations, allowing operators to enjoy lower construction and maintenance costs. Moreover, the integrated network management system reduces operating costs.

SARFT is in the process of digitalizing and automating the state grid network in order to facilitate the triple network convergence, which serves a total of 187 million cable TV users in China. As such, TV operators are competing to update their networks and are looking for reliable, cost-saving, and adaptable technical solutions.

UTStarcom's EOC application allows operators to provide faster and smoother video and voice information to end users through wider bandwidth capabilities. In addition, the EOC application is adaptable to the current TV grid standard allowing operators to avoid the hassle of changing existing ports.

About UTStarcom Holdings Corp

UTStarcom is a leading provider of interactive, IP-based network solutions in iDTV, IPTV, Internet TV and Broadband for cable and telecom operators. The Company sells its solutions to operators in both emerging and established telecommunications and cable markets around the world. UTStarcom enables its customers to rapidly deploy revenue-generating access services using their existing infrastructure, while providing a migration path to cost-efficient, end-to-end IP networks.

Founded in 1991, listed on the NASDAQ in 2000, the Company has its operational headquarters in Beijing, China and research and development operations in China and India. For more information about UTStarcom, visit the Company's Web site at www.utstar.com.

Web Site: www.utstar.com

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