User-Friendly Belt Conveyor Configurator

(Huntersville, October 7, 2008) For the users of Montech belt conveyors, it is now even easier to configure a conveyor according to their specific requirements: the Configurator is now available in a conveyor-oriented and a product-oriented version.

In the product-oriented version, the configurator starts from user requirements and specifications to present a solution based on the best price. At this stage, the system guides the user to provide all necessary information to identify the transport solution. A plausibility check avoids that unsuitable or defective configurations are presented.

The users who have already identified the type of conveyor can use the conveyor-oriented version. "With the new belt conveyor configurator on, it is even easier and more intuitive to define the desired belt configuration," says Gianluca Aloisi, Manager Conveyors Division.

Conveyors based on standard components

The belt conveyors in standard, Minidrive and Maxi versions are designed to carry parts to or from the various manufacturing stations or they are combined to form complete production lines. The conveyors have standard widths ranging between 45 and 800 mm and they can carry up to 125 kg weight, while their length can be selected freely up to 15 meters in one millimeter increments.

Traditional conveyors are based on a modular concept with ready-to-use standard components for specific functions. Thanks to their modularity, the conveyors can be assembled in variable configurations, extended or shortened with a simple and cost-effective approach. "With their modular construction, all belt conveyors by Montech are very suitable for customer-specific transport solutions," states Aloisi.

Uninterrupted heavy-duty operation

All metal parts of Montech belts are made of nickel or stainless steel; the transmission rollers are normally made of stainless steel, while the driving rollers are provided with a special rubber cladding. The materials used are compatible with heavy-duty applications in continuous operation.

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