USB-Powered DAQ Device is designed for classrooms.

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Used with resistive strain gages, StudentDAQ does not require calibration. Built-in support for single channel of full-bridge, half-bridge, and 120Â Ω quarter-bridge inputs, including all necessary bridge completion, is standard, and operation is performed with commands sent via USB connection. All input connections are handled via RJ-45 connector, and 24-bit delta-sigma ADC provides ±16,000 µE measurement range at 80 Hz and gage factor setting of 2.00 with 1% of reading accuracy.

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Micro-Measurements® Compact, USB-Powered DAQ Delivers Simple Set-Up and Ease-of-Use for the Classroom

MALVERN, Pa. – Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, today introduced a new pocket-sized, USB-powered data acquisition device for use with resistive strain gages. Optimized for classroom environments or convenient, low-cost gage installation verification, the easy-to-use StudentDAQ doesn't require calibration, and it features built-in support for a single channel of full-bridge, half-bridge, and 120 Ω quarter-bridge inputs, including all necessary bridge completion.

Operation of the StudentDAQ is performed with commands sent via a USB connection. User-friendly application software is provided to control the unit using a Microsoft® Windows®-based PC. Complete source code, written in National Instruments® LabVIEW®, is included along with a .NET interface. All input connections are handled through a single RJ-45 connector.

The StudentDAQ's 24-bit delta-sigma A/D converter provides a ±16,000 µε measurement range at 80 Hz and a gage factor setting of 2.00, with a 1% of reading accuracy. To minimize temperature effects on lead wires, the unit supports a full three-wire, quarter-bridge connection. The balance of the circuit is manually controlled through the software. Pregaged beams are available to use with the StudentDAQ and are supplied with an appropriate experiment in mechanics for classroom use.

"The StudentDAQ coupled with a single grid strain gage is the perfect combination for stress/strain classroom lab experiments, homework assignments, advanced science fair projects, or independent study," said Donielle Dockery, Micro-Measurements senior field design engineer. "The StudentDAQ is easy to set up and allows users to begin recording strain gage data at up to 80 Hz in minutes. They simply plug the unit into a USB port on their PC, crimp the connector to the end of their bridge instrument, plug into the on-board socket, and start the supplied software. It's a powerful, low-cost tool for exploring the fascinating world of experimental mechanics."

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