USB PCB Kit and Software support LDTC and PTC PCB models.

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Expanding capabilities of Wavelength Electronics controllers, USBKIT and QuickConnect™ software support all LDTC integrated temperature and laser diode controllers as well as all PTC PCB-mount temperature control models. USBKIT provides computer control of output currents up to 12.5 A, while software provides intuitive virtual panel for control of laser diode driver, temperature controller, and auxiliary monitor as well as full graphing and datalogging of selected parameters.

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USBKIT Now Supports LDTC & PTC PCB Models

USB Control for Temperature & Laser Diode Drivers


Expand the capabilities of your Wavelength Electronics controllers with the USBKIT and QuickConnect™ software. The upgraded version now supports all the LDTC integrated temperature and laser diode controllers, as well as all the PTC PCB-mount temperature control models.  The USBKIT provides convenient computer control of output currents up to 12.5 A at a surprisingly low price.

The software provides an intuitive virtual control panel that allows you to leverage the low-noise, high-stability laser diode and temperature control capabilities of Wavelength’s components to save time and money. The QuickConnect™ software is easily loaded onto your computer with the automated installer, and is compatible with x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) PCs.


The USBKIT loads many features into one small package, making it a terrific value-add for your laser lab or manufacturing floor.

•  The USB board includes D/A for remote setpoint control and A/Ds for monitoring actual temperature or current.

•  The software provides control of one laser diode driver, one temperature controller, an auxiliary monitor, and full graphing and datalogging of selected parameters.

•  Multiple USBKITs can be attached to the same computer, allowing for control of complex systems.

•  Setup configurations can be saved for repeating experiments or manufacturing testing routines.

•  The QuickConnect™ software includes on-screen wiring diagrams for the selected Wavelength modules, making set-up a snap.

•  Two strip charts graph laser and temperature data as a function of time. Selected data can be continuously logged.


Build the USBKIT into your OEM laser system and enjoy the convenience of closed-cover system calibration and troubleshooting—all you need is the USB cable that comes with the USBKIT.

The software is built on the Windows .NET framework so you can write your own code for a manufacturing test system, field-calibration kit, or laboratory applications.  Wavelength also offers program customization.


Our experienced Sales Engineers are available to help you decide which controller is right for your application. Call today or visit our website to find out how Wavelength Electronics can help you to be successful.

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