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USB Kit facilitates programming of Hall-effect sensors.

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USB Kit facilitates programming of Hall-effect sensors.

Apr 01, 2014 - Able to be used directly in laboratories or research institutions, USB kit facilitates programming of HAL 18xy, HAL 24xy, HAL 36xy, and HAL 38xy Hall sensors as well as forthcoming products. Solution connects to PC via USB interface and can be used for any desired application. Featuring 12 solderable connector pins, kit is used to optimize application-specific sensor performance and allows application to be tested directly in laboratory. Programming software is provided.

Micronas GmbH - Frieburg, DEU

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Micronas Presents a New Affordable USB Kit for Easy Programming of Its Broad Hall-Effect Sensor Portfolio

Press release date: Mar 24, 2014

Freiburg — Micronas (SIX Swiss Exchange: MASN), known and recognized in the automotive and industrial business as a reliable global partner for intelligent, sensor-based system solutions, offers its customers now a new, simpler and cost-effective way to program particular Micronas Hall sensor families for laboratory purposes. The new tiny USB kit is just the size of a standard USB flash drive and can easily and directly be used in the customers’ laboratories or in research institutions.

The new USB programming kit is suitable for all members of Micronas sensor families HAL 18xy, HAL 24xy, HAL 36xy, HAL 38xy, as well as forthcoming products. These sensors are used in various applications in automotive electronics for position detection or angle measurement, amongst others, in throttle flaps, accelerator pedals, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), neutral gear recognition, transmission gear sensor, cornering lights and steering angle applications. Additionally, in the field of industrial electronics, the programmable linear sensors HAL 18xy and HAL 24xy are used for current measurement, joysticks, rocker switches and for manifold extended position measurement scenarios.

To optimize the sensor performance in the customer application, an individual programming of the sensor is necessary. While the programmability needed is already given by the product itself, Micronas additionally offers the corresponding hardware. The new, very tiny USB kit is characterized by its compact design and by its flexible connectivity in contrast to other current solutions on the market.

This easy way to program Micronas Hall sensors offers the advantage that the customer application can be directly tested in the laboratory. The USB kit is simply connected to a PC via its USB interface and can be used for any desired application since it is equipped with 12 solderable connector pins. The programming software for the different sensor families is provided for free from Micronas’ online service portal as download after registration. The new USB kit is compatible to previous software versions.

The USB programming kit is available from mid-April and can be ordered via the Micronas’ sales offices or one of its distribution partners listed on