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USB Key stores user information.

Press Release Summary:

Based on smart card technology and functional with all operating systems including Microsoft, Apple, and Linux, USB key with integrated smart card capabilites offers users faster, more secure logins to personal websites. User data is stored on device, so there is no login or password. With web browser and client's computer inactive for identification phase, smart card supports authentication autonomously, rendering any spyware on computer useless since computer doesn't communicate with site.

Original Press Release:

New USB Key Uses Smart Card Technology to Store User Information for Fast, Secure Login to Websites

Chicago, April 3, 2009

Ethertrust offers a strong one-step authentication technology based on smart card technology (SIM, Java, etc.) and functional with all operating systems including Microsoft, Apple, and Linux. Based on SSL and on EAP standards (EAP-TLS, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA), its products simplify and secure website identification. Ethertrust will present its new USB key with integrated smart card capabilites for faster, more secure logins to personal websites at the RSA Conference in San Francisco from April 20 to 24 at booth 2750.

When connecting to personal websites (such as banking, online gaming, or online communities), the user simply inserts the Ethertrust USB key with integrated smart card technology that stores all user data, so there's no login or password to enter. The system ensures that the web browser and the client's computer are inactive for the identification phase and that the smart card supports the authentication autonomously. This renders any spyware that may be present on the computer useless, as the computer won't be directly communicating with the site, thus preventing any release of information to the spy.

For websites, Ethertrust solutions provide an end to phishing as customers will no longer need to retain a login and password, thus eliminating the chance of their being stolen. With the information stored on the smart card within the USB key, websites can automatically monitor the age and identity of users, which is also helpful for retaining and tracking user loyalty.

Users will benefit from faster and safer connections to their frequently used personalized websites. With a single USB key storing all user logins and passwords, the question of "Which login and password do I use for this site?" disappears. Because the software authenticates logins without opening the computer's ports to sensitive information, the user is guaranteed that the information can not be stolen by spyware.

About Ethertrust:

Ethertrust publishes software for smart cards and develops solutions that secure web applications significantly while simplifying use. Its technology takes control of identities, traceability and data-access management. The company provides a much more robust security with great simplicity and guarantee privacy. Ethertrust was founded in 2007 by members of the Laboratoire de l'Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecom (ENST).

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VP Marketing

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