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USB Connectors include latching and circular sealed types.

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USB Connectors include latching and circular sealed types.

Dec 02, 2011 - Featuring latching plug and receptacle with IP20 protection, Latching USB 2.0 Connector offers 1,500 mating and umating cycles. Unit supports data transmission up to 480 Mbps plus up to 5 V/500 mA over one cable. Versions are available in Type A configurations. With connector halves interlocked and fastened by ¼-turn bayonet latch, Circular Sealed USB 2.0 Connectors protect USB connection against water and dust ingress to IP67 level. Type A and B configurations are available.

TE Connectivity Ltd. - Berwyn, PA

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Industrial USB Connectors and Cable Assemblies: Latching Version Adds Retention Force, Circular Sealed Version Protects USB Connection to Code IP 67

Press release date: Nov 21, 2011

NUREMBERG, Germany - TE Connectivity (TE) has expanded its portfolio of industrial USB 2.0 connectors to include latching and circular sealed USB connectors.

The latching version adds retention force to USB connections and features a latching plug and receptacle with standard IP 20 protection. This USB connector adds 40 Newtons of locking strength with an integrated, positive latching mechanism and offers 1,500 mating and unmating cycles. The latching mechanism helps to avoid downtime caused by accidental unplugging and an audible and tactile feedback confirms to the user that the connector is fully engaged. Typical applications are in the mobile segment, such as hand-held devices with a controller-to-peripheral interconnection.

The latching USB connector's high-speed standard allows the transmission of up to 480 Mb/s data plus up to 5 volts/500 milliamps over one cable. Cable assemblies of 1 to 5 meters in length make it easy to use the latching feature without having to assemble cables. Customers simply need to design-in the latching receptacle to the board side of their product. If more than one USB port is required, a double-row latching receptacle can be used. Versions are available in standard Type A configurations.

Ruggedized USB connections
The USB standard is widely established and increasingly, industrial applications require an environmentally protected USB connection. Typical applications include field data collection systems, keyboard, video mouse (KVM) extensions, human machine interfaces and industrial control panels. TE's circular sealed USB 2.0 plugs and receptacles are particularly suitable for these applications as they protect the USB connection against water and dust ingress to IP 67 level. The connector halves are durably interlocked and quickly fastened by a ¼-turn bayonet latch. To offer application flexibility, the plugs and receptacles are available with plastic or metal housings. Versions are available both in standard Type A and Type B configurations. The integrated silicone seal offers the benefits of the USB high-speed standard to applications where an unsealed USB port will not work reliably. The connectors are compatible with existing USB plugs and USB flash drives.

Mass storage upload port for field use
The circular sealed USB connector family includes a through-panel receptacle, which can be used as a convenient mass storage upload port or as an inspection access. This facilitates updates to outdoor applications without downtime: control panels or control cabinets, which may also contain high-voltage connections, need not be opened thanks to the sealed panel mount USB receptacle. When the port is not in use, a cap seals the connector face from the outside environment. Versions are available both in standard Type A and Type B configurations

The circular sealed USB connectors are equipped with brass contacts, plated with gold over nickel. Both the circular sealed and latching USB connectors are available for sale now.

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