Urethane Compound suits cable casting applications.

Press Release Summary:

AngstromBond® AB9271 room temperature curing polymer has 1:1 mix ratio with 20-30 min gel time. It cures into tough, flexible compound with mechanical and thermal shock resistance. Product is both toxicologically and environmentally safe. Composed of 100% solids, it will not cause inhalation or skin irritations. AngstromBond AB9271 is supplied in cartridges to facilitate application.

Original Press Release:

Cable Casting Compound

Fiber Optic Center introduces AngstromBond® AB9271 urethane casting compound. This room temperature curing polymer is easy to use and safer than traditional compounds used for cable casting. This material has a 1 to 1 mix ratio with a 20-30 minute gel time and provides quick handling for fast production turnaround. It cures into a tough, flexible compound with excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance. It is supplied in cartridges for easy application.

AngstromBond® AB-9271 is both toxicologically and environmentally safer than other available urethane systems. It is composed of 100% solids, and will not cause the inhalation or skin irritations that many other urethane systems produce.

Fiber Optic Center, Inc. of New Bedford, MA, USA is the worldwide supplier of AngstromBond® fiber optic epoxy, and AngstromLap® high performance lapping film, and is also a stocking distributor of tools, connectors, splices, enclosures and panels, test sets and microscopes, termination kits, and other supplies used by the fiber professional. You can call Fiber Optic Center Inc. at 1-800-473-4237 for more information or visit our website at www.focenter.com.

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