UPS Systems feature detachable PDU with manual bypass switch.

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SmartOnline(TM) Hot-Swappable UPS Systems provide continuous availability for connected server, storage, and networking equipment. With all-in-one 4U form factor, 8 kV Model SU8000RT4U suits space constrained applications. Model SU16000RT4U, rated at 16 kV, has separate 4U power module and 4U external battery module. Both feature split-phase, 4-wire input that provides 208/120 Vac or 240/120 Vac output without transformers.

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New "Zero Downtime" 8kVA & 16kVA Hot-Swappable Modular UPS Systems

Chicago, IL (January 22, 2008)-Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection equipment, has introduced two new models (one 8kVA and one 16kVA) to its existing line of SmartOnline(TM) Hot-Swappable Modular UPS Systems. The new models feature a detachable PDU and maintenance bypass switch that provide zero downtime and continuous availability for connected server, storage and networking equipment. The new UPS systems also feature scalable runtime via optional external battery packs and the ability to configure multiple systems to deliver N+1 availability, setting a new best-in-class standard.

The foundation of the hot-swappable modular design is a unique detachable power distribution unit (PDU) that incorporates a manual bypass switch. Users can perform all potential UPS maintenance-from battery replacement to complete power module exchange-without powering down connected equipment.

The new 8kVA SmartOnline UPS System (model: SU8000RT4U) features an all-in-one compact 4U form factor, maximizing productivity for server racks and other applications where space is at a premium. The new 16kVA SmartOnline UPS System (model: SU16000RT4U) features a separate 4U power module and 4U external battery module. Both models feature hardwire, split-phase, 4-wire input that saves additional rack space by providing dual high- and low-voltage output (208/120VAC or 240/120VAC) without the need for bulky transformers.

"With the award-winning technology of our SmartOnline series well established, Tripp Lite is excited to introduce these practical innovations to our expanding enterprise customer base," said David Slotten, Tripp Lite's Director of Product Management. "The obvious utility of our hot-swappable modular architecture, combined with runtime scalability, extensive manageability and N+1 options for multiple power supplies represents a leap forward versus legacy systems costing thousands of dollars more."

The new SmartOnline UPS Systems provide pure sine-wave output, extremely tight voltage regulation (within 2% of nominal) and true on-line, double-conversion operation for complete isolation of sensitive equipment from power problems. Additional features include output flexibility (with 5-15/20R, L6-20R and L6-30R or C19 outlets), runtime scalability (with optional battery packs), an SNMP slot, EPO interface, two communication ports and free PowerAlert software for remote IP-based enterprise-level system management.

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