Upgrade Kits increase power and performance for boats.

Press Release Summary:

Side-Power Thruster upgrade kit lets users replace Side-Power 4-blade props with 5-blade Q-prop for increased power, quiet operation, and maneuverability. Each Side-Power 5-blade Q-prop is designed for specific individual thruster, and performance is optimized by propeller skew blade design that reduces water friction and minimizes water turbulence within thruster tunnel. Kit components include Q-props, adapters, zinc anodes with bolts and propeller drivepins, lock nuts, and washers.

Original Press Release:

Imtra Introduces Side-Power Thruster Upgrade for Increased Power and Performance

Side-Power Upgrade Kits Provide Existing Customers More Control and Less Noise

New Bedford, Mass. - Imtra, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, announced today the availability of an innovative Side-Power Thruster upgrade kit. Owners of existing Side-Power 4-blade props can conveniently upgrade their thruster to the newer 5-blade Q-prop and take advantage of redesign gains that provide greater power and quieter operation. Offering the latest technology to deliver the highest quality performance, the new thruster upgrade from Imtra provides customers who already enjoy the ease-of-use and control of a Side-Power thruster, with even greater maneuverability in tight quarters, increased confidence, and seamless worry-free docking and slip departing for a more enjoyable boating experience.

Each Side-Power 5-blade Q-prop is designed specifically for an individual thruster model, unlike other manufacturers that develop a single prop design and scale it to all models and tunnel sizes. The Q-prop's unique propeller incorporates five blades that reduce operation noise levels. Performance is maximized by the propellers unique skew blade design that slices through the water, reducing water friction and minimizing water turbulence within the thruster tunnel. Easy to install, the Side-Power thruster upgrade kit provides the latest advancements from Imtra and offers the highest level of performance available on the market.

"With many boaters upgrading their current boat instead of buying a new one, the Side-Power Thruster upgrade kit is an easy way to significantly enhance performance while reducing noise at an affordable price," said Peter Nolet, product manager - Side-Power thruster systems, Imtra. "The installation is quick and easy, and can be conveniently accomplished during a regularly scheduled zinc replacement. For added convenience we even include new anodes in the kit."

Side-Power thruster upgrade kits from Imtra can be adapted to most Side-Power models produced after 1998. The thruster upgrades come complete with all necessary components including Q-props, adapters, zinc anodes with bolts and propeller drivepins, lock nuts and washers. The most popular models are offered in attractive retail packaging for display in chandleries and boat dealerships.

Pricing and Availability:
The Side-Power Thruster upgrade kits are currently available for each thruster model through Imtra's dedicated network of Side-Power dealers and installers throughout North America or online at the company's website, and have a suggested retail price starting at $165.00. For more information on the Side-Power Thruster upgrade, Side-Power Thrusters, Imtra or its entire marine product line, please contact 508-995-7000 or visit www.imtra.com

About Imtra:
Imtra, based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is an importer and manufacturer of high quality consumer marine products, advanced LED solutions and integrated marine systems, as well as a key supplier to the OEM and aftermarket. With over 50 years in the marine business, Imtra has sales and support teams in 11 regions throughout North America. The company's extensive product knowledge is available to its customers through a renowned full-service department and professional customer service group. Product categories include Lighting, Thrusters, Anchoring Systems, Wipers, Antennas, Gangways and other speciality products. www.imtra.com/pages/about_imtra.htm.

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