Upcut Circular Cold Saw cuts non-ferrous materials.

Press Release Summary:

Available in 230 and 460 V configurations, SUP-500 NF employs 20 in., 120-tooth carbide blade capable of producing up to 7 in. dia round cuts and up to 11.75 x 5 in. rectangular cuts. Saw offers adjustable feed rate and integrated debris collection as well as 4 pneumatic clamps for securing material being cut. Additionally, safety features include dual hand operation and safety interlock that prevents saw from operating if safety hood is not closed.

Original Press Release:

New Scotchman Product! - SUP-500 NF

Non Ferrous, upcut saw.

Scotchman Industries® has announced the addition of the SUP-500 NF to their existing lineup of circular cold saws. The SUP-500 NF is an Upcut Circular Cold Saw designed specifically for cutting non-ferrous material. Featuring a 20” (500mm), 120 tooth carbide blade that is capable of producing round cuts up to 7” in diameter and rectangular cuts up to 11.75” x 5”, the SUP-500 NF offers an increased cutting capacity not found in similar models.

Standard features of the SUP-500 NF include an adjustable feed rate, four pneumatic clamps to secure material being cut, and integrated debris collection. Standard safety features include dual hand operation and a safety interlock that will prevent the saw from operating if the safety hood is not closed.

The SUP-500 NF is available in 230 volt and 460 volt configurations and is backed by Scotchman Industries’ 3-year warranty.

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