Unmanned Convoy System Currently Undergoing Military Trials Receives U.S. Patent

PETERSBORO, Utah - The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded patent rights to Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) for the Guideline(TM) Robotic Leader-Follower System (No. 8, 116, 921 B2).

The Guideline Unmanned Convoy System provides a variety of immediate and significant benefits to military and industrial operators:

- Reduce driving personnel by 2X or more

- Keep more military personnel out of harm's way in active combat zones

- Increase efficiency in non-combat or industrial zones

- Adaptable for any size of vehicle from small ATVs to heavy military
transport vehicles

- Operational in all types of terrain, road conditions, and weather

- Failsafe, redundant leader-follower system for GPS/laser guided convoy
systems in case of signal loss or interference

The Guideline system is a robotically controlled guidance system mounted to the front of military or industrial vehicles. Each Guideline unit contains a Kevlar tether on a mechanical spool. Sensors in the unit monitor the vector, speed, and length of the tether leaving or returning to the spool and relay the data to the vehicle's automation kit. The kit's onboard computer determines the position and speed of the lead vehicle and plots a course for the autonomous vehicle that mimics the exact path of the leader. As the lead vehicle accelerates, Guideline automatically increases the buffer distance between the two vehicles to allow for a safe stopping distance.

"What seems to excite people the most," said Mel Torrie, CEO of Autonomous Solutions, "is that Guideline can be fielded now. It is simple, failsafe redundant, and doesn't depend on sensors that can be jammed or obstructed. It is also very affordable in low quantities."

ASI's Guideline Robotic Convoy System is currently being used in field trials in the United States, Australia, and Singapore for a variety of operation scenarios.


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