Universal's Fuzion Platform Wins NPI Award at APEX 2013

'Fuzion’s unique architecture enables rapid product introduction, manufacturing ramp, and high utilization in high-mix environments.

Universal’s FuzionXC2-37 Platform was presented Circuits Assembly magazine’s NPI award as the top machine in the “Component Placement - Multi-Function” category, as selected by an independent panel of industry engineers. Evaluations for the award entries were based on innovation, compatibility, cost-effectiveness, design, speed/throughput improvements, ease of use, and maintainability. The award ceremony was held February 19 at APEX at the San Diego Convention Center; Universal was on hand to accept the award.

Along with the FuzionXC2-60, which was also featured in Universal’s booth at APEX, the FuzionXC2-37 offers more than twice the feeder inputs of alternative surface mount platforms, enabling manufacturers to minimize setups and simply change programs for product changeovers-a streamlined model that delivers optimal utilization and output. The FuzionXC2-37 is a versatile solution that combines high-speed chip and extreme odd-form placements (from 01005 passive components up to 150mm connectors with 5kg placement force and parts up to 25mm tall) all on the same platform. It accommodates boards up to 1300mm x 610mm, has 272 8mm feeder inputs, and accepts a full range of input types. FuzionXC solutions are ideally suited to the high-mix environments that have become more prevalent in the Americas and throughout the global electronics manufacturing landscape.

“We are honored to receive such a respected award and to demonstrate to the Americas market how our Fuzion solutions can help maximize productivity while reducing costs,” said Universal CEO and President Jean-Luc Pelissier. “We are also very pleased with this year’s APEX show-in addition to the NPI award, we hosted a record number of visitors and engaged with a broad range of prospective customers who were excited to learn about the advantages that Fuzion has to offer for their respective manufacturing models.”

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