Universal Lock secures handwheel-operated valves.

Press Release Summary:

Without requiring any valve details, extra parts, or customized adaptors, SHL Smart Handwheel Lock can be added onto any existing size or type of handwheel-operated valve to mechanically prevent operation until safe. Solution locks wheel into pre-set safe positions, controlled by interlocking key release mechanism, and leaves space to grip handwheel. Coded key used to unlock valve is only released for use once correct sequence of precautions has been completed.

Original Press Release:

New Add-On Universal Lock for All Handwheel Valves

Dutch industrial safety and valve control expert Netherlocks is launching the SHL - their new Smart Handwheel Lock. The key transfer lock can be fitted easily like a simple Lock-Out device to any size or type of handwheel-operated valve. No valve details, extra parts or customised adaptors are needed, and it locks the wheel into pre-set, safe positions controlled by the interlocking key release mechanism.

Traditionally, valve locks have depended on the precise specification of each valve in order to be fitted effectively. Detailed valve information would need to be collected and used to fashion the mountings for the lock. The unique design of this product means that it can be added onto any existing handwheel-operated valve to mechanically secure it, without the need for such information.

The SHL attaches onto the valve stem underneath the wheel without replacing or altering any part of the valve assembly. No specially machined parts are needed, and the innovative design that attaches the lock to the handwheel still leaves space to grip it. This makes it much easier to simply, securely and safely provide interlocking for handwheel valves: no specific valve information is required, no machined adaptors or mounting brackets are needed, and the lock can be fitted whilst the valve is still operational.

Interlocks minimise the danger caused by the potential for human error: they prevent the valve from being operated until it is safe to do so. The coded key to unlock the valve is only released for use once the correct sequence of precautions has been completed, with each stage of the process enabled only once the previous one is finished. This physically prevents accidental and potentially dangerous actions from being performed, negating the risk of human error.

Netherlocks has been designing and producing interlocking and valve control technology for over 15 years, supplying major companies and projects with safety systems around the world. For more information please visit www.netherlocks.com or email your enquiry to sales@netherlocks.com.

This Press Release and an archive of all Netherlocks news can also be found on the Netherlocks News Blog at http://halmapr.com/news/netherlocks/

Company Profile:
Netherlocks is a leading supplier of safety and valve control systems for major industrial operations as well as smaller firms. The company's mechanically enforced procedures minimize the risk of human error in production and maintenance processes which could otherwise be dangerous and costly. Due to their simplicity, ease of operation and sturdy design, Netherlocks' products are guaranteed to operate effectively even in extreme conditions.

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