Universal Laser Systems® Awarded U.S. Patent for Class 1 to Class 4 Conversion on Pass-Through Option/Module

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona - (July 14, 2010) - Universal Laser Systems, Inc. (ULS), a leading manufacturer of CO2 lasers and laser systems, announced it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,723,638 for its Pass-Through option on the Industrial Laser Series (ILS) line of laser engraving and cutting solutions. The pass-through option on the ILS allows for CDRH compliant conversion of the laser system from a Class 1 laser system to a Class 4 laser system.

The Pass-Through option on the ILS includes a Class 4 Module that allows for CDRH-compliant switching between CDRH Class 1 to CDRH Class 4 mode to accommodate oversize work pieces. The quick attach/disconnect design includes key switch, emissions indicator, safety delay, shutter and remote interlock support. This option converts a Class 1 ILS laser system into a properly configured Class 4 laser system. Special precautions are required, such as wearing laser safety glasses, since Class 4 operation has the potential to expose users to invisible laser radiation.

"We are very excited to have been awarded this patent that recognizes the importance of safely converting an enclosed Class 1 laser system into a Class 4 laser system," said Chris Risser, Engineer and Systems Product Development Manager for Universal Laser Systems. "Universal has invested years of resources in developing innovative, safe and technologically advanced products and options for our systems that benefit the customer and offer capabilities not available elsewhere."

Universal's Industrial Laser Series with the pass-through option installed allows for cutting and engraving of oversize materials, such as golf clubs, surfboards, cabinets and many other products that aren't capable of being processed on standard laser system tables. The pass-through option also makes the ILS production-line ready.

Visit Universal Laser Systems at www.ulsinc.com for details about the Industrial Laser Series and the Pass-Through option or call 1-800-859-7033 for more information.

About Universal Laser Systems
Founded in 1988, Universal Laser Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of CO2 lasers and laser systems. Its comprehensive line of CO2 lasers offer output power from 10 to 150 watts. Universal's laser systems are used to cut, mark and engrave plastic, metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramic, rubber, acrylic, textiles and many other materials. The laser systems are widely used throughout Fortune 500 to small businesses in the automotive, aerospace, awards, electronics, packaging and manufacturing industries to produce a variety of goods ranging from custom, one-off items to identical mass-produced parts and products. More information on the Company is available at www.ulsinc.com, by phoning 800-859-7033 (or 480-483-1214 from outside the United States) or via email at moreinfo@ulsinc.com.

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