Universal Fixture facilitates dimensional measurement inspection.

Press Release Summary:

Vision Slide® is suited for locating part or fixtured parts on CMM, CNC, or multi-sensor vision systems used for manual and/or automatic dimensional measurement. Solution ensures part is secure against working surfaces by using shielded concentrated earth magnets, which facilitates locating part precisely and repeatably on machine staging surface. Adjustable slide scale in X and Y axes lets operator/programmer choose multiple coordinate positions: A-G in Y-axis and 1-9 in X-axis.

Original Press Release:

Vision Slide® -- A Revolutionary Addition to Dimensional Measurement Inspection Systems

The Vision Slide® will eliminate the use of clay as a source of fixture allocation.

Apollo, PA - CMM Dynamics, a leader in the precision fixture design and manufacturing industry, has designed and patented a precision universal fixture, the VISION SLIDE®, that will reform the methodologies of fixture set-up allocation on vision systems. The Vision Slide® will globally revolutionize inspection methods, accuracy and repeatability on all vision systems regardless of size or model.

The Vision Slide® system is used for locating a part, or fixtured parts, on a CMM, CNC or Multi-Sensor Vision system used for manual and/or automatic dimensional measurement. The Vision Slide® ensures that the part is secure against the working surfaces by the use of shielded concentrated earth magnets, locating the part precisely and repeatable on the machines staging surface. This precise origin point can be almost globally located on the staging surface, depending on the optimal position desired for accommodating the part or parts to be measured. There is an adjustable slide scale in both the X and Y axis. By changing the position of the slide scales in either axis the operator or programmer can choose multiple coordinate positions, such as, A through G in the Y-axis and 1 through 9 in the X-axis.

The Vision Slide® provides the necessary functions to make dimensional automated measurements accurately and efficiently with repeatability and ease. Without this apparatus, the operator of the automatic dimensional measurement machine places a part on the table for measurement using clay, or another means of holding the part, to locate or fix, and when necessary to repeat this with random consecutive parts to ensure repeatability and reproducibility of the fixture.

When using a Vision Slide, the programmer's instructions will indicate where to set the slide scales before loading the part to be inspected. The operator puts the slide scales in the proper instructed position and loads the part on the staging table. Start the program and the machine will locate the part. For a quick manual check without the use of a program, place the part or fixtured part into the Vision Slide® and the part is secure and square, being held optimally for measurement.

About CMM Dynamics
CMM Dynamics strives to continually master the design-intent that is in our customer's best interest. Our goal is to provide precision fixture design and manufacture with a resolute commitment to fit, form and function as we partner with our customers to assist them in their validation and decision making processes. CMM Dynamics provides a complete precision DESIGN package, from concept to fixture design and manufacture. Additionally, our services include cost effective GD&T or box tolerance blueprint development and universal fixture design using our patented Vision Slide® for CMM metrology.

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