Universal Circular Chart Superecorder

Omega's new series of microprocessor based portable universal circular chart superecorder(TM) comes in 4 different models, temperature and relative humidity, dual thermocouple, dual process, and pH and (RTD) temperature models. Located on the front panel is a convenient keypad for programming and a large, bright, dual backlit display. The RS232 PC interface allows the user to download recorded data. The patented features include double-sided chart paper and the magnetic hub. The temperature/ relative humidity model (CTXL-TRH) also comes with a Windows based PC application software to log data in real time, download recorded data, or re-scale chart paper. There is also a wireless temperature/ relative humidity probe that is offered as an option. Perfect for EPA requirements.

Price starts at $795

To retrieve the hi res image click on the link below:


For more information, go to the OMEGA Engineering Inc. web site at http://www.omega.com/pptst/CTXL.html

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