Universal Blade Holding System enhances solder paste deposition.

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Magna-Print(TM) DeFlex is available as part of Magna-Print universal squeegee blade technology, which comes with blade locking system, squeegee blades, angle converters, and deflectors. Eliminating guesswork from manual deflector modifications, single holder for all squeegee blade sizes accelerates and facilitates changeover by not requiring special tools. Product automatically adjusts to height of stencil, reducing material waste and stencil damage while improving deposition uniformity.

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Solder Paste Deposition Made Easier by Ovation's Magna-Print(TM) DeFlex

Bethlehem, PA - In another technology development breakthrough, Ovation Products announces that it has designed an enhancement to its proven Magna-Print(TM) universal blade holding system that makes paste deposition even more robust. The new Magna-Print DeFlex technology takes the guesswork out of manual paste deflector modifications, delivering an auto-adjusting system that improves the uniformity of solder paste deposition.

A single blade holder for all squeegee blade sizes, Magna-Print's streamlined design allows for simple, fast blade changeover without requiring any special tools. Now, with DeFlex, the system offers even greater process control. Current market-available paste deflectors are rigid and can only be adjusted using a tool, which takes time and lacks precision. Magna-Print DeFlex and Magna-Print blades are simply and easily changed into and out of the universal blade holder with ease - no special tools are required. Plus, Magna-Print DeFlex automatically adjusts to the height of the stencil. Competitive products, on the other hand, are rigid so height setting is dependent upon the judgment of the operator, which can lead to errors.

Mark Briant, Asia and Americas Sales Manager at Ovation, explains the significance of DeFlex technology. "Improper paste deflector height position can lead to problems such as material waste and stencil damage," says Briant. "Magna-Print DeFlex reduces the chance of operator error from manual, tedious adjustments to squeegee and deflector height by offering a system with the ability to self-adjust to stencil height, which delivers far more reliable and robust paste deposition."

Magna-Print DeFlex is available as part of the Magna-Print universal squeegee blade technology, which comes equipped with a unique blade locking system, a wide variety of squeegee blades and types, angle converters and a choice of deflectors. For more information, log onto www.ovation-products.com.

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Ovation Products is an advanced technology developer that places particular emphasis on engineering solutions that improve equipment efficiency, enhance productivity and lower overall cost of ownership. Pioneer of the award-winning Grid-Lok(TM), HD Grid-Lok(TM) and Magna-Print(TM) technologies, Ovation Products has OEM partnerships with many market-leading equipment suppliers and its technology solutions are installed at leading OEM and EMS manufacturing sites worldwide. www.ovation-products.com

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