UNIFUSE Introduces Two New Products This August

A wire shipping / payout drum and a 3-step step stand now available with a handrail.

(Staatsburg, NY)- UNIFUSE, #1 for Custom Plastic Products, announces the introduction of two new products to its offerings. The new products are a 25" diameter wire shipping drum with stacking lid and an upgrade of the SS3 step stand, now made available with a handrail. Both new products are manufactured under the UNIFUSE
brand by the proprietary and patented UNIFUSE process.

The Wire Shipping and Payout Drum

The high quality and long-life of UNIFUSE products makes them the ideal manufacturer
to create these returnable/nestable wire shipping and payout drums. The inside cone design adds vertical stacking strength to the lid and also allows easy wrapping and payout of wire. Designed to fit most wire packing environments these products can be easily modified to fit special applications too. The UNIFUSE process allows us to make these products with thick walls for durability and continued service.

The New 3-Step withdrawal with Handrail

Building onto an already successful line of SERIES SS-Step Stand products is the new
3-Step which now features an optional handrail for safety and stability. Already in wide use the SERIES SS continues to serve in a variety of industries from national distribution centers and order picking warehouses to your local physician's office.
UNIFUSE products are made from USDA and FDA approved low-density polyethylene,
which has superb impact and crack resistance and will not rust, chip, or splinter.
The UNIFUSE - VIM process converts thermoplastic pellets or powder to finished parts
by vibrational fusing and without actually melting the plastic resins. Through a combination of heat and vibration UNIFUSE can make a plastic shape of any size (up to 19 cubic yards) with superior strength and integrity. The special process of UNIFUSE produces parts without having to subject the plastic resins to thermal degradation. This removes the weakening stresses that are inherent in other plastic production processes thus creating a stronger and more durable plastic product.

CONTACT: ANDREW FLYNN, 845-889-4000; info@unifuse.com August 13, 2007

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Tel: 845-889-4000 Fax: 845-889-4002
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