Understanding Statistics Helps Prevent Home Invasion and Burglary

Lakeland, Florida - The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2011 was published about a month and a half ago. In 2011, a burglary was committed somewhere in the United States every 14.4 seconds. Knowing the statistics on where, when and how burglars operate can improve the chances of keeping your family and belongings safe from home invasion.

The most common point of entry for a burglar is through a door. Clearly, 34% of all home invasions occur as a result of entry through the front door. Simply locking the door is not an adequate defense. Most often, a burglar will enter your home through the front entry by kicking the door in, compromising the locks upon impact. The second most common point of entry, at 23%, is through a first floor window. Window screens are easily cut, and unlocked windows can be lifted for easy home intrusion. If the window is locked, the glass is broken with a minimal amount of noise, again allowing for a fast and often undetected entry into your home. Entry through the back door accounts for another 22% of burglaries. Most alarming is that 6% of all home invasions result from entry through an unlocked entrance or storage area.

Most burglaries occur in the daytime, between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. During this time homeowners are more likely to be at work or out of the home running errands. This provides an easy target and greatly reduces the chances of the intruder being caught.

The goal of most burglars is to enter your home quickly with as little noise as possible, gather up valuable belongings and, then, get out quickly before getting caught. On average a burglar will spend less than one minute breaking into your home, and only eight and twelve minutes in your home when committing their crime. This means the more difficult you make your home for a burglar to enter; the less likely they are to target your home and carry out their crime.

Installing Crimsafe Security Screens over doors and windows is one of the best ways to secure your home and family against burglary. Crimsafe Security Screens are a patented stainless steel security product designed to protect your existing window and door openings, allowing you to open your windows and doors without the worry of a home intrusion. Unlike burglar bars, Crimsafe Security screens are aesthetically appealing while creating a safety barrier between you and a "would be" intruder. Crimsafe can't be cut like a normal fly screen, and the patented screw clamp design insures that the screens won't be kicked in or pried open, preventing potential burglars from gaining access to your home and family.

For more information about how Crimsafe Security Screens can help protect your family from burglary and home invasion, visit them at www.crimsafe.com, or call them toll free at 1-866-740-3888.

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