Ultrasonic Splicing Systems connect to computer/network.

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Ultrasplice 2032 and 2050, with splicing capacities of 0.7-32 and 0.7-50 mm², respectively, offer anti-side splice feature and 4 levels of quality monitoring. Along with programmable adjustments of splice sequences and ranges, bench-top units incorporate fully retractable anvil that automatically sequences to produce required splice range. Electronic amplitude control is utilized for 1 µ adjustment, and splice force is controlled by electronic pressure regulator.

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AmTech Introduces Ultrasplice 2032/2050 Ultrasonic Splicing Systems

AmTech's new Ultrasplice 2032 and 2050 are full-range wire splicing systems that produce high-quality splices at low cost of operation. The Model 2032 is capable of splicing from 0.7mm2 to 32mm2, and for larger splices the Model 2050 is capable of splicing from 0.7mm2 to 50mm2. Typical uses would be in the assembly of wire harness or motor applications associated with the automotive and appliance industries.

Optimum production efficiency is achieved through programmable adjustments of splice sequences and splice ranges. Splice parameters are automatically and instantly adjusted, including splice width, pressure, amplitude and energy. A fully-retractable anvil will automatically sequence to produce the full range of splices required. All critical splice parameters are monitored to ensure the highest quality splice. There are four levels of quality monitoring: weld power, weld time, wire pre-sonic height, and wire final height.

The ultrasonic horn and actuator housing design provides the operator with optimum ergonomic conditions, allowing for ease of use. Both systems have a 'keyed connector' (single point) air and electrical disconnect, which permit instant replacement of a production actuator at the workstation in under two minutes for off-line maintenance and maximum production. Critical tooling clearances and alignment do not change with use.

Cooling air directed at the application tooling increases tool life in high-production environments. It applies the correct amount of cooling, based upon the wire size, for optimum tool life at minimum cost. Amtech's replaceable tip technology also provides high tool life at low cost. Ultrasplice tips produce up to one million cycles depending upon splice size and parameters. Tip rotation/replacement is performed in less than two minutes, allowing for more system up time.

Both the Ultrasplice 2032 and 2050 demonstrate the patented anti-side splice feature, enabling the operator to vertically stack the cables, which in turn prevents side splicing and provides the highest quality splice possible. Splice force is controlled by an electronic pressure regulator. An electronic amplitude control is utilized for precise one-micron adjustment. Quality limits stored in the system memory allow instant recall and automatic setup. There is also a retractable gather tool for easy splice removal.

Both systems are bench-top units that can be mounted in a workstation table. They can be connected to a computer or network, or be used with a barcode wand for instant "non-programmable" production. Either unit can be programmed in multiple languages and have tri-level controller password protection.

Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, AmTech, a subsidiary of Branson Ultrasonics Corporation, is the leading worldwide manufacturer ultrasonic metal welding equipment

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