Ultrasonic Sensor provides multi-sheet detection.

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Available in 5 ranges up to 6,000 mm, UM 30 series offers solutions for analog and limit value determination. Each version is available with one or 2 binary outputs and one analog output for continuous detection tasks. It provides all-in-one solution with no calibration to material required. Series UM 18 detects multiple sheets across various material types, weights, and thickness and provides misfeed detection solution.

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SICK Offers New Range in Sensing Technology - UM 18 Provides Industry-Leading Multi-Sheet Detection

LAS VEGAS - PackExpo 2003 - October 13, 2003 - SICK, the global leader in factory and process automation solutions, announced today its new line of Ultrasonic Sensors. With the inclusion of this new line, SICK is continuing its direction of being the most complete supplier of sensor solutions for automation.

In general, ultrasonic sensors scan without contact by emitting an ultrasonic impulse and evaluating the time-of-flight of the impulse, taking ambient temperature, among other factors, into account. Depending on the variant, they either provide binary distance information via one or two switching outputs or distance-proportional information via an analog output.

Ultrasonic sensors are thus particularly suitable for detecting transparent objects, foils, liquids and bulk materials - even in harsh environmental conditions. Ultrasonic sensors cover a wide range of applications, including measuring filling levels in hoppers and silos, such as in the food and beverage industry, as well as performing positioning tasks, checking presence, access and distance checks, monitoring heights and distance to prevent collisions, and other applications involving object detection.

The new line of SICK Ultrasonic Sensors includes two series. The UM 30 offers versatile solutions for analog and limit value determination with its variety of ranges and output versions. The UM 18 provides a unique, all-in-one solution, with no calibration to material required, solving the double sheet detection applications.

The UM 30 series offers ultrasonic sensors in five different ranges, up to 6,000 mm. Each version is available with one or two binary outputs (two outputs for linked switching points for min-max control of filling levels), and with an analog output for continuous detection tasks.

The UM 18 reliably detects multiple sheets across a wide range of material types, weights and thickness and provides a misfeed detection solution for the toughest applications. It is the only stand-alone device in the market without the requirement of an external controller that does not need extra calibration or teach-in to the material type to be detected.

Those seeking sensors will find every type of sensor technology at SICK - so there is always a potential solution. With photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, magnetic and now ultrasonic - there is always at least one sensor that is right for the detection task at hand. There is even a special sensor for detecting double sheets! And thanks to electronic teach-in capabilities, all devices can be prepared for operation rapidly and easily.

SICK is a worldwide manufacturer of factory and process automation solutions. With more than 350 patents in industrial sensors, safety systems and automatic identification solutions, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage, advanced technology and material handling markets. SICK was founded in 1946 and has operations or representation in 65 countries worldwide.

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