Ultrasonic Cleaning System offers closed loop recycling.

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AquaSonic® AQS-7500 combines PLC controlled, fully automatic ultrasonic stencil cleaning machine with wastewater recycling. All machine functions are controlled via an operator touch screen interface. Cleaning system has 2 tank design that utilizes ultrasonic wash tank and spray chamber. It uses integral pulse and sweep ultrasonic generation, 5 µ wash tank filter, stainless steel pump, 4,000 W heated wash tank, and 1-button operation.

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AquaSonic® AQS-7500 Ultrasonic Cleaning System Combines High-Performance Cleaning With Closed Loop Recycling

Franklin, MA - JNJ Industries' new AquaSonic® AQS-7500 Ultrasonic Cleaning System combines the advantages of a PLC controlled, fully automatic ultrasonic stencil cleaning machine with the cost-savings and process benefits of closed-loop wastewater recycling. This state of the art system is built for flexibility and performance. Its control system features program storage capability for automatic setup and process control of 10 cleaning profiles, and all machine functions are controlled via an operator touch screen interface panel. An entire wash, rinse, and dry cycle can be run with the single touch of a button on the touch screen. This unique cleaning system features a two tank design that utilizes an ultrasonic wash tank and a high pressure spray chamber to clean stencils, wave solder pallets, misprinted boards, tools, and other accessories.

The AQS-7500 is an efficient, powerful cleaning system; it uses integral pulse and sweep ultrasonic generation for optimal cleaning performance for ultra fine pitch stencil apertures for BGAs, Micro BGAs, QFPs, and other challenging applications. The AquaSonic® AQS-7500 delivers added value in a number of standard features that are optional on most other systems. These include a 5-micron wash tank filter, a high-performance stainless steel pump for recirculation and discharge of tank fluids to waste treatment; individual stainless steel solder traps for the wash and rinse tanks; heated wash tank (4000 Watt); plus fully automatic operation for "one button operation" and "zero contact" between the operators and the cleaning chemistry.

The AQS-7500 Ultrasonic Cleaning System combines with JNJ's RFS-25 Recirculation and Filtration System to provide the benefits of closed-loop waste water recycling, rather than evaporation, for savings in energy, water, and cleaning chemistry. The RFS-25 module uses a 3-stage filtration system consisting of a 10-micron polypropylene filter for filtering out coarse particulates, followed by an activated carbon powder filter to remove organics, which is then followed by a 5-micron polypropylene filter for fine particulates and organics to clean the wastewater and then store the filtered water for reuse. Rinse tank water is constantly re-circulated, returning high-purity water to the unit's rinse chamber constantly, extending the bath life of both the wash and rinse tank fluids in the AQS-7500 up to six months or more, depending on the application and the number of cleaning cycles per day. Benefits include minimum downtime, elimination of wastewater discharge, and reduction in water usage and energy costs from 50-90%. When utilized with a stencil cleaning system, the RFS-25 provides clean filtered water on demand during the rinse cycle of the stencil cleaner. The RFS-25 was developed to connect to JNJ Industries AQS-7500 automatic ultrasonic stencil cleaner for the purpose of creating a closed loop rinse water recycling and filtration system, eliminating the continuous waste stream that is typically associated with rinse water.

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