Ultra-Hi-Res X-Ray/CT System looks into small and medium objects.

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Housing 5-axis manipulator with vibration isolation system, X25 digital x-ray and CT system is suited for submicron resolution imaging and accurate scanning. Unit provides 9 x 9 in. scanning envelope and rotational stage capable of handling up to 25 lb. X-ray voltage range is 10-160 kV, max system resolution is less than 0.5 µm, and geometric magnification is up to 4,000X. With z-axis of 1,003 mm and rotation of 360º continuous, max scan travel is 228 mm vertical and 152 mm horizontal.

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X25 Compact Ultra-high Resolution X-ray and CT System Looks into Small and Medium Objects

Stuttgart/Germany - The newly developed X25 from North Star Imaging (NSI, www.4nsi.com) is a compact digital x-ray and computed tomography (CT) system designed for submicron resolution imaging and ultra-high accuracy scanning. The system is dedicated to the inspection of small to medium sized objects in the electronics, medical devices and other sophisticated industries. It houses a precise five-axis manipulator with vibration isolation system and provides a spacious 228 mm x 228 mm (9" x 9") scanning envelope and a rotational stage capable of handling up to 11 kg (25 lbs). These features make it an ideal choice for x-ray and CT applications ranging from 3D metrology to failure analysis both in industrial quality control and R&D laboratories. With external dimensions of 185.4 cm width, 96.5 cm depth and 180.3 cm height the X25 fits through most standard interior doors and thus literally opens the door for many universities or companies needing a multipurpose high-resolution X-ray and CT system with a limited laboratory footprint.

With an x-ray voltage range from 10 kV to 160 kV the new X25 CT-system provides an overall maximum system resolution of <0.5 µm and a geometric magnification of up to 4000x. Its maximum scan travel is 228 mm vertical and 152 mm horizontal, with a z-axis (source to detector) of 1003 mm and a rotation of 360º continuous. Each axis is independently joystick controlled. Tailored to the specific task, the high resolution system combines nano-focus, micro-focus, open or sealed, and transmission x-ray tubes with flat panel (DDA) or linear diode array (LDA) digital x-ray detectors. Features of the cabinet include cable access port with cover, interior lighting, powered sliding access doors, leaded glass viewing window, safety light curtains, and touch screen functionality. The steel/lead/steel construction meets or exceeds all Federal and State radiation safety regulations (21 CFR 1020.40) and several other standards. The system is CE mark compliant.

As with all NSI x-ray/CT systems, the X25 comes standard with NSI's efX-DR and efX-CT software, both featuring comprehensive data acquisition, processing and archival routines, high performance image processing and measurement functions, and an intuitive user friendly interface. The 3D Computed Tomography software, efX-CT, continues to be the only software to offer a 5-step, start-to-finish interface that guides the user through the calibration, acquisition and reconstruction stages of a 3D CT scan.

Automated program functions enable fast analysis, whilst the multiple windows interface allows coincident displaying of raw image, processed image, density data, etc. 3D computed tomography calibration, multi-GPU reconstruction and real time visualization are included, with an optional 4D computed tomography package, designed for data-vs-time monitoring and documentation.

The X25-CT rounds up NSI's comprehensive and diversified series of X-View Computed Tomography Systems (www.xviewct.com). Beyond the X25 this product line includes the ImagiX for small object applications, the X50, optimized for medium size objects, the X500 for medium to large sized and the X5000 for large objects, as well as the X8000 series fully programmable overhead gantry digital x-ray system. These and a selection of x-ray sources and detector types, including latest generation flat panel, enable the company to meet an ultra-broad range of specific application requirements. NSI also designs and builds customized systems, tailored to individual needs in terms of scanning envelope, resolution and speed. Examples include a huge helicopter blade digital x-ray system, or the first inline CT system capable of scanning, reconstructing and sorting parts in less than 6 seconds cycle time using an automatic defect recognition software.

North Star Imaging (NSI) was founded in 1986 and is today one of the most sophisticated resources for real-time, digital non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment, consulting, training, supplies, and accessories. Headquartered in Rogers, MN/USA, and from its newly founded subsidiary North Star Imaging Europe in France, the company offers complete x-ray and computed tomography (CT) system solutions, as well as inspection services.

NSI forms part of the Test and Measurement Group of Illinois Tool Works (ITW) with more than 850 decentralized business units in 52 countries that employ approximately 60,000 men and women.

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