Ultra-Fast Sensors for High Speed Registration Mark and Object Sensing

TAMPA, FLORIDA: TRI-TRONICS COMPANY INC. has introduced a line of ultra-fast, dual-function sensors offering the highest speed of response (10ms) in the world. The new patented SMARTEYE X-PRO Model XP10 Extremely High Speed Sensors were designed to perform as either precision registration mark sensors or as standard photoelectric sensors for higher speed parts detection and counting applications. The 5ms repeatability provides the most highly accurate edge detection in the industry.

o 10ms Response Time
o 5ms Repeatability
o Dual-Function
Mark Mode-Registration
Normal Mode- Object Sensing
o 5 Memory Locations
o Remote Control Input Line for PLC
And External Programming
o Connector or Cable Models
o White, Red or Infrared LED
o AUTOSET- One Push Setup
o Choice of 10 Optical Blocks

For details contact:
P.O. BOX 25135, TAMPA, FL 33622-5135
813-886-4000 800-237-0946
Fax: 813-884-8818 800-375-8861
ttco.com info@ttco.com

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