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Ulterra Bit Drills Entire Eagle Ford Well at Record Pace

FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec. 4, 2011 - The new U616M, 8.75-in., six-bladed matrix bit with 16-mm cutters drilled from surface casing to TD at a record pace of 93 ft/hr. All three intervals - the vertical, curve and lateral - were drilled with the same bottom hole assembly, reaching TD without a trip out of the well. A total of 9,953 ft was drilled in 107 hrs, a time savings of 37.5 hours over the fastest competitor offset of 144.5 hours. Cost savings were $73,566 versus the direct offset and $133,024 versus the average of five competitor offsets.

The U616M bit embodies Ulterra's aggressive directional design philosophy and incorporates new technology that makes it the first bit on the market that can maintain the high instantaneous rates of penetration (ROP) required in the drill-out as well as the ability to track straight in the lateral section. By contrast, curve bits typically follow passive designs, which make them directional-friendly but hinder their performance in the drill-out and lateral.

"Our number one goal in designing the U616M was to increase slide efficiency and reduce unnecessarily high slide percentages," said Jacob Wendt, applications engineer. The curve and lateral intervals are where the majority of the sliding takes place. To reduce or eliminate sliding, the bit must withstand the entire drill-out or vertical interval with an unscathed cutting structure and continue into the curve and lateral with the directional friendliness of a fresh bit.

The U616M cutting structure is designed to maintain sharpness throughout all three drilling intervals. Controlling how the PDC cutters interact with the formation minimizes torque fluctuations, resulting in better tool face control, and minimized bit-induced stick-slip and reduced impact damage. The combined directional friendliness and performance advantages of the U616M increase slide efficiency and motor yields to reduce slide percentage, increase overall ROP, keep the BHA on bottom drilling longer, and reduce total on-bottom drilling hours.

Ulterra is a leading provider of premium PDC drill bits and downhole tools for the oil and gas industry. Ulterra's strength resides in the experience and wisdom culled from industry veterans, designing highquality, high-performance PDC bits for global markets. Its localized focus enables Ulterra to respond quickly to customer's specific applications with customized solutions.


Justin McMillan

Director Bus. Development



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