Uhlmann Presents the Integrated Bottle Center at PACK EXPO

Innovative Engineering Delivers the World's First Pharmaceutically - Compliant Packaging Line for Tablets and Capsules in Bottles

TOWACO, NJ - Uhlmann, the global leader in blister packaging technology, presents the Integrated Bottle Center (IBC), the world's first pharmaceutically-compliant packaging line for tablets and capsules in bottles, at Booth #N-4725 at this year's PACK EXPO, November 9-13, in Chicago. The efficient, integrated, space-saving design combines the most important functions - from feeding of the desiccant to closing of the bottles - in a single line. It also eliminates tedious format changeovers, long cleaning periods, ramp-up phases, micro-stops, and other common problems of tablet bottling.

Development of the Integrated Bottle Center not only drew on Uhlmann's decades of extensive process and design experience, but also on the results of a survey analyzing the requirements expected of a modern bottler for pharmaceutical products. The outcome is the Integrated Bottle Center: a sophisticated line second to none for the packaging of tablets in bottles.

Compared to belt conveyors, the linked bottle transport of the Integrated Bottle Center reduces downtime significantly. The bottles are guided through the line from start to finish by two easy-to-clean, spiral conveyors. This method of transport eliminates micro-stops and product congestion and makes a ramp-up phase unnecessary. The smooth-running, cost-efficient system can be adjusted to different bottle heights within 3 minutes and to different bottle diameters within 45 minutes. Furthermore, all functions of the IBC are controlled through a touch screen connected to a central operating system.

Depending on the version, the line fills up to 240 bottles per minute. These can be up to 193 mm in height and between 35 to 76 mm in diameter. The master shift register recognizes the position and process status of every bottle in the line. In-process control (IPC) guarantees that only 100% correctly filled bottles are forwarded for downstream processing. The newly developed tablet counter of the IBC is equally reliable. An inspection camera system from Uhlmann VisioTec identifies imperfect tablets.

As an available option, Uhlmann's Track & Trace system offers a comprehensive solution to protect against counterfeiting and enhance product reliability. Track & Trace allows the seamless documentation of the production and supply chains of pharmaceutical products. Camera systems incorporated in the IBC scan and monitor 2D codes on the bottom of the bottles. The scanned codes are captured in Uhlmann's Database System (UDS) and are made available for further processing to higher ranking systems.

With products that include blister machines, cartoning systems, line-monitoring and control systems, and downstream packaging machinery, Uhlmann Packaging Systems, L.P., provides the North American pharmaceutical industry with sales support, service technicians, on-site training, parts inventory, tool manufacturing and rebuilt machinery, and on-site engineering for line integrations.

Uhlmann Packaging Systems, LP, celebrating its 25th Anniversary in the U.S., is located at 44 Indian Lane East, Towaco, New Jersey 07082. For more information, call 973-402-8855, e-mail info@uhlmann-usa.com or visit our website at www.uhlmannpackaging.com.

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