UHF RFID Antenna operates in 902-928 MHz frequency range.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to operate with 8 port Gen2 reader, GAO 326004 with circular polarization has port to port isolation of -35 dB (min), and -40 dB (typ), center frequency of 915 MHz, gain of 9 dBi (min), and VSWR of 1.5:1 (max), and 1.3:1 (typ). Waterproof and acid proof unit measures 536 x 360 x 26 mm, and weighs 2.0 kg. Other features included are impedance of 50 W, maximum power of 75 W(CW) at 25°C, and input power of 6 W.

Original Press Release:

GAO Releases Its UHF 902MHz Gen 2 RFID 2 in 1 Antenna

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. (www.GAORFID.com) introduces its advanced UHF antenna (GAO 326004) designed to operate with the 8 port Gen2 reader, but also can be used with any application that requires a circular polarization for transponder reading/excitation.

GAO's UHF 902MHz Gen2 RFID 2 in 1 Antenna supplies two connection ports: one for transmitting and the other for receiving. Furthermore, it ensures maximum performance delivered to all applications.

Specifications of GAO's UHF 902MHz Gen2 RFID 2 in 1Antenna:

o Polarization Style: Circular polarization
o Operating Frequency: 902MHz to 928MHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency)
o Port to Port Isolation: -35dB (min), -40dB (typ)
o Center Frequency: 915MHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency)
o Gain: 9dBi (min)
o VSWR: 1.5:1 (max), 1.3:1 (typ)
o Half-power Wave Beam Width: 70° (H), 65°(V)
o Natural Impedance: 50W
o Maximum Power: 75W(CW) at 25°C
o Housing: Aluminum with chemical conversion coating
o Dimensions: 536mm * 360mm * 26mm
o Weight: 2.0Kg
o Input Power: 6W (Max)
o Waterproof and Acid-proof

For more information about GAO's UHF 902MHz Gen2 RFID 2 in 1Antenna, please visit www.GAORFID.com or contact sales@GAORFID.com.

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GAO RFID Inc. is a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware and solutions to end users worldwide. GAO RFID combines best of breed with low cost RFID readers, RFID tags and enabling-RFID software. We have a wide variety of RFID readers, tags and antennas in all the RFID technologies, Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF, Gen 2) as well as Active and Semi-Passive. GAO RFID's products and services are easily customized for use in Asset Tracking, Health care, Supply Chain & Logistics, Event Management, Access Control, Livestock Tracking, Inventory Control & Management, Field Service, Maintenance and Document Authentication.

For more information please visit www.GAORFID.com

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