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Two-Part Topside Enamel provides high-gloss finish.

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Nov 14, 2013 - Consisting of 2-part, silicone-enhanced polyurethane paint, EZ-Poxy2 can be applied over any previously painted surface, gel coat, or wood. Combination of added gloss, wear resistance, and UV protection helps maintain boat's polished look for years. Available in wide variety of colors, paint can be applied with roller or brush and is extremely forgiving, minimizing effects of brush strokes and ensuring clean finish equal to that of spray.

Original Press Release

Pettit Marine Paint's Ez-Poxy2 Simplifies Two-Part Polyurethane Topside Enamels

Press release date: Nov 05, 2013

Marine Paint Company Delivers Long-Lasting Beauty Without the Hassle

Rockaway, N.J. – Pettit Marine Paint, leading manufacturer of high performance American made marine coatings, announced today its new two-part topside enamel, EZ-Poxy2. Providing a durable and high-gloss finish while eliminating the uncertainties associated with traditional two-part paints, the high performance EZ-Poxy2 is incredibly easy to use and offers greater surface compatibility than any other product in the marine industry. Tough and longer lasting, EZ-Poxy2 provides a more beautiful finish, for a better price, and a fraction of the hassle.

An innovative formula, EZ-Poxy2 is a two-part, silicone-enhanced polyurethane paint that can be applied over any previously painted surface, gel coat or wood. Its combination of added gloss, wear resistance and UV protection makes EZ-Poxy2 exceptionally durable helping to maintain a boat’s polished and pristine look for years. EZ-Poxy2 is easily applied with a roller and brush. Extremely forgiving, the paint reduces the effects of brush strokes during application ensuring a clean finish equal to that of a spray.

EZ-Poxy2, from Pettit Marine Paint, is available in a wide variety of colors from fine marine supply stores and boatyards throughout the United States, and is priced at approximately $75 per quart. For complete preparation and usage instructions visit

About Pettit Marine Paint:
Pettit Marine Paint manufactures and markets a complete line of high performance, American made, marine coatings. Pettit's name is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the marine industry, and our reputation is based on results; our products outperform all other major brands in the industry time and time again. We're committed to keeping your boat protected and beautiful by providing long lasting, quality products that let you spend less time maintaining your boat and more time enjoying it. From topside paints to antifoulant bottom paints and everything in-between, Pettit's products have you covered. Pettit's plant is located in Rockaway, New Jersey, and our products are available throughout the world.