Twin Dust Collector provides continuous duty operation.

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Twin SternPulse(TM) Model SPV1225 features 12 polyester blend filter cartridges; 25 hp top-mounted, direct drive, backward inclined fan; and 95% final filters that permit air to be recirculated back to building. Combined units handle total of 10,000 cfm. Automatic filter cleaning is controlled by remote solid-state cyclic timer. Since only a few filters are cleaned at a time, remaining filters continue to perform, allowing dust collector to operate 24/7.

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Twin SternPulse(TM) Cartridge Style Dust Collectors Clear the Air of Steel Grinding Dust

Two Sternvent compact continuous duty dust collectors were recently installed to capture the fine steel dust generated by surface grinders and polishers in a production tool room of a large manufacturer of electrical connectors.

Each SternPulse(TM) model SPV1225, features twelve long life polyester blend filter cartridges, a 25 HP top mounted direct drive backward inclined fan and 95% final filters, that permit the air to be recirculated back to the building, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. The combined units handle a total of 10,000 CFM.

In operation, dust-laden air enters the collector under suction. The filters capture the dust and the clean air passes through the filters and out of the dust collector. Automatic filter cleaning is controlled by a remote solid state, cyclic timer that actuates the normally closed solenoid to open. The resulting decrease in pressure opens a diaphragm valve, which causes a momentary inrush of high-pressure air (100 PSIG) to flow from the supply manifold pipe to the blowpipe, down through each venturi and into the top of each filter cartridge. All the filters in a single row are cleaned simultaneously. This cleaning process is repeated at pre-set intervals for each row of filters. Since only a few filters are cleaned at a time, the remaining filters can continue to perform, thus allowing the dust collector to operate 24/7.

Established in 1952, Sternvent specializes in small to medium size industrial dust collectors (1,000-15,000 CFM) which include high efficiency cyclones, compact shaker units with manual or motorized shaker, Jet-Pulse bag and cartridge units, and oil mist collectors used in the woodworking, metalworking, and chemical industries. Equipment is available with basic modifications such as special filter media, alternate blower, special height dust containers, and special construction such as stainless steel.

For further information, write: Twin SternPulse(TM), Sternvent Co., Inc., 253 West Fort Lee Road, Bogota, NJ 07603, TEL: 1-800-383-DUST, FAX: (201) 488-1605, Web Site:, E-Mail:

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