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BoonTouch Universal Remote Control Panel enables management of Boon Edam turnstiles and gates, which ensure only authorized users are allowed to enter secured area. Optimized for usability, capacitive touchscreen control panel's UI lets operators open/close each individual turnstile or gate automatically as well as manage settings for entire bank of up to 6 lanes. Additionally, users can monitor lane usage and receive alarms prompted by unauthorized access or other problems.

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Boon Edam introduces new BoonTouch Universal Remote Control Panel for Turnstiles

Edam - As technology evolves, some every day tasks that we have been doing for decades become easier and simpler. Royal Boon Edam, a leading manufacturer of Security Access solutions now introduces the innovative new BoonTouch Universal Remote Control Panel that enables the management of multiple models of Boon Edam turnstiles and gates with the simple touch of a screen.

Boon Edam’s Security Access solutions such as the Speedlane and Swinglane optical turnstiles ensure that only authorized users are allowed to enter a secured area. Authorization can be achieved through a card reader or biometric reader or through a universal control panel that is operated remotely by a reception or security desk. BoonTouch is the next generation in universal control panel design.

Intuitive operation

The capacitive touchscreen control panel is encased in a sleek and modern housing, but particular attention was given to the user interface. With the help of interface experts and after extensive usability testing, the company has designed a user interface that is both intuitive and extensive. By swiping the screen of BoonTouch, each individual turnstile or gate can be opened or closed automatically. Moreover the settings of an entire bank of up to six lanes can be managed with a single touch of the screen, opening or closing multiple lanes at the same time to allow for peak traffic.

Remote alarm

Besides remotely operating the Security Access solutions in a building, BoonTouch also allows a reception or security desk to monitor the use of the lanes. If an attempt at unauthorized access or any other problem with the identity card or biometric identification of the user is detected, an alarm will flash on the BoonTouch screen. As the lane in question is directly indicated a receptionist or security guard can quickly and easily react and solve the problem, ensuring quick, smooth and secure operation.

BoonTouch is now available as an option for virtually all Boon Edam optical turnstiles, access gates and waist high turnstiles and can also be retrofitted with an existing bank of security lanes. BoonTouch will be available for live demonstrations at ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada April 10-12 in Booth #8035.

To learn more, please visit www.boonedam.us or contact your local Boon Edam representative.

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