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Leveraging KVM-over-IP, serial-over-IP, and remote power control technologies, Dominion® XRO supports up to 3 servers and up to 8 serially managed devices typically found in branch offices. With BIOS-level, out-of-band remote access, IT administrators can control servers and serial devices through SSH or web browser. Security features include appliance-based intrusion protection, encryption of data streams and databases, and audit trail logging.

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Raritan Introduces Low-Cost Solution for Managing IT Equipment in Hundreds to Thousands of Branch Offices

Always-Available Access to IT Equipment Eliminates 'Truck Rolls' to Branch Offices; Drives Down Maintenance Costs and Increases Service Uptime --

SOMERSET, N.J., Sept. 7 // -- Raritan -- a leading provider of solutions to simplify IT operations -- today introduced the most cost-effective remote management solutions for accessing and managing IT equipment typically found in branch offices and other remote sites. Using IP connections, the new Raritan Dominion(R) XRO solution enables IT administrators to lower the cost of maintaining equipment installed in remote offices, while providing the security features required to meet today's ever-increasing security mandates.

Designed to support typical branch office configurations, the Dominion XRO is a complete turnkey solution to manage a branch office for $1,700 (U.S. list price). The space-saving Dominion XRO -- which leverages Raritan's KVM-over- IP, Serial-over-IP and remote power control technologies -- supports up to three servers and up to eight serially managed devices. The same secure Raritan browser-based interface used to manage equipment in data centers is now available to manage branch office equipment.

To further simplify the control of large numbers of branch offices, customers can use the CommandCenter(R) SecureGateway, which delivers a unified, enterprise-wide view and access, via a single IP address, to all the IT equipment managed by Dominion XRO units. A single Web or SSH log-on provides IT managers with a real-time, graphical view of all the IT equipment in branch offices, as well as data centers. By centrally managing operator permissions and reducing response times vastly, CommandCenter Secure Gateway's user-defined physical and logical views make it quick and easy for administrators to locate, access and control any device in any remote office.

Going beyond in-band remote access software capabilities, the Dominion XRO provides always-available out-of-band access to remote servers and devices -- even if the network fails or the router operating system crashes. Dominion XRO also includes an integrated modem for emergency access when the IP network is down or is not an option. With BIOS-level, out-of-band remote access, IT administrators can control all of the servers and serial devices in remote locations through SSH or Web browser, no matter what platform and no matter the operational state of the operating system. Dominion XRO security features include appliance-based intrusion protection, encryption of data streams and databases, and audit trail logging.

"Ideal for enterprises with hundreds to thousands of branch offices, Dominion XRO addresses real-world environments where servers with multiple operating systems and an array of telecom equipment coexist in branch locations; where there is little to no IT support on premises; and where there are bandwidth constraints, such as dial-up or unreliable connections," said Alfred Young, Serial Business Development Manager at Raritan. "Dominion XRO extends the reach of the Operations organization to branch offices, helping to reduce maintenance service calls and minimize interruptions of branch office employees, who in the past were asked to help resolve IT equipment issues."

According to Young, Dominion XRO puts Operations staffs virtually "at-the- rack" of any remote site in the enterprise, strengthening security, eliminating staff and third-party site visits, streamlining administration, and dramatically reducing mean-time-to repair. "If you thought out-of-band access was cost-effective for the data center, the geographic nature of dispersed remote offices increases the value exponentially," said Young.

The Dominion XRO offering, which is available worldwide starting today, comes in a choice of configurations. Designed to scale cost effectively, there is no limit to the number of branch offices that can be remotely managed or the number of servers and devices that can be managed in each branch office. Dominion XRO can manage servers, switches, routers, Point-of-Sale systems, PBXs, headless servers, network devices, serial equipment and environmental control devices. No external software or servers are required to operate the plug-and-play solution. For more information, please go to http://dominionxro.com/.

About Raritan (Raritan.com)
Raritan, based in Somerset, N.J., is a leading provider of products for managing IT equipment and the mission-critical applications and services that run on it. Raritan's highly reliable and responsive IT management solutions -- based on KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches, serial console servers, management software and remote connectivity products -- enable companies to proactively monitor and manage system health and vulnerabilities, as well as troubleshoot, access and repair faults from anywhere, at anytime. This simplifies and accelerates IT management work processes -- both in data centers and at remote branch offices -- improving service uptime and staff productivity. Raritan's solutions are used to manage more than 50,000 data centers and other IT sites around the world. Raritan also serves the OEM market by developing advanced, hardware-based, remote-management components based on digital KVM-over-IP and IPMI technologies. Founded in 1985, Raritan today has 38 offices worldwide, and its products are distributed in 76 countries. For more information, please visit Raritan.com.

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