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Turkish Granulizer uses water-cooled, disc-style grinder.

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Turkish Granulizer uses water-cooled, disc-style grinder.

Jan 26, 2010 - Turkish granulizer MPE G7 reduces coffee to espresso quality with grinder, and then discharges coffee into final grinding section directly. Combining roller technology with disc technology, unit achieves average Turkish grind sizes ranging from 50-150 µm at capacities spanning 100-250 kg/hr.

MPE - Modern Process Equipment, Inc. - Chicago, IL

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MPE's New G7 Turkish Granulizer

Press release date: Jan 18, 2010

Where Quality and Affordability Meet

(Chicago, IL) Modern Process Equipment (MPE) announces the new G7 Turkish Granulizer, which bridges the quality and affordability gap between disc and roller-style grinder technologies by combining them in one state-of-the-art equipment offering!

It's no secret that coffee produced utilizing water-cooled, roller-style grinders is far superior than that produced on disc, stone or hammer-style units. Additionally, until now, there has been a considerable affordability difference between disc and roller-style Turkish grinders. The MPE G7 merges the quality benefits of the roller technology with the monetary benefits of the disc technology to make it the valued equipment choice for many Turkish coffee producers.

Technically-speaking, the MPE G7 uses a water-cooled, disc-style grinder to first reduce the coffee to espresso quality and then directly discharges the coffee into a final Turkish grinding section. This final section utilizes the same roll technology as MPE's larger Turkish Granulizers, so the quality is matched exactly. The G7 achieves average Turkish grind sizes ranging from 50 - 150 m at capacities spanning 100 - 250 kg/hr.

Contact MPE today for further information about the G7 and how it can improve your Turkish coffee process!

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