Turbine Engine for Sale at UTP Parts

Date :- 31/05/2017 to 06/06/2017

Address:-120 Grouby Airport Road

Prattville, AL 36067

Email: sales@utpparts.com

Web Site:- http://utpparts.com/

UTP has made its name in the parts business since 1993 and has developed into a noteworthy provider of serviceable PT6 motors and PW 100 motors. From our 10 section of land, 50,000 square foot warehouse center space and 5,000 square foot deals and authoritative office in Prattville, Alabama, UTP pride itself on serving our clients and providers in a legit and direct mold. More than 40 representatives stand prepared to address your issues with polished skill, industry encounter and a relentless responsibility regarding services.

UTP offer a variety of engines covering the most popular models in the industry, many times stocking that hard-to-find engine or part that no one else seems to have. Please view the PT6 Engine and PW100 Engine pages at utpparts.com to view our current inventory. You can also download engine specification PDFs to see if any of our current inventory meets your needs. If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call as we always have engines in the repair and overhaul process that we can quote a lead time. We will sell our engines outright or exchange, and we offer very good value for cores taken on the exchange.

Also, we work with the only shops in the world who provides the highest quality turbine engine for sale. The most competitive in the market is our pricing. We would like to help you in managing the costs of your engine by providing engines, replacement parts, or managing your upcoming maintenance event.

Our service of the engine management will utilize our extensive knowledge as well as experience and leverages our huge stock of good used serviceable parts for bringing down your maintenance event cost. We also work with our suppliers for saving you even much more money by stocking our inventory with quality as well as serviceable parts rather than factory new.

Universal Turbine Parts

120 Grouby Airport Road

Prattville AL 36067

Phone: 334.361.7853



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