Tungsten Electrode Grinder provides operational clarity.

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Techweld TEG-3 uses diamond wheel to produce ground and polished electrode tips necessary for TIG and plasma welding. Designed in 6 o'clock position, grinding head ensures dust is expelled downwards, directly towards vacuum collection point, to help machine operator see grinding progress. Machine grinds electrodes longitudinally, and its holding system accommodates electrode sizes from 1.6-4 mm. Front cover prevents grinding of other materials.

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Improved Tungsten Electrode Grinding Machine for Perfectly Ground and Polished Tips

The latest version of a proven tungsten electrode grinder produces perfectly ground and polished electrode tips necessary for TIG and plasma welding, says its British manufacturer.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has improved the design of the Techweld TEG-3 by moving the grinding head from the 3 o'clock to the 6 o'clock position. Key advantages of this change are that dust is now expelled downwards, directly towards the vacuum collection point, and the operator can now see the progress of the grinding more clearly.

The Techweld TEG-3 grinds electrodes longitudinally to eliminate the circumferential lines and ridges that cause arc flicker and wander, so that identical and repeatable results are achieved with mechanised welding.

Precision positioning

The tip shape produced by the grinder allows precise positioning of the arc for manual welding without the preferential arcing that occurs with poorly shaped, manually ground tips.

"By grinding tips to exactly the same angle every time, the Techweld TEG-3 ensures consistent and repeatable arc performance and welding results," says Gerald Evans for Huntingdon Fusion Techniques. "Accurately ground electrode tips last longer than those that are held against a workshop wheel or belt grinder by hand."

All common sizes of electrode from 1.6mm to 4mm are accommodated by the grinder's holding system and special requirements can be met. An extra collet attachment for the holding block allows short electrodes down to 12mm in length to be sharpened to increase working life.

The Techweld TEG-3 has a diamond wheel that gives the equivalent of three man-years grinding life and is easily replaced. A front cover prevents the grinding of other materials, to eliminate contamination of electrodes and transfer of unwanted elements to the weld-pool.

Hazardous dust is drawn into the optional dust extraction system, which can be supplied with the grinder or separately for retrofitting, and allows the operator to see the electrode more clearly.

The grinder's high-speed motor runs from a 110V single-phase supply at 60Hz. Servicing is available in most countries, and the drive motor has a lifetime guarantee. contact:
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