TruePosition Announces SUPL Server for A-GPS

BERWYN, Pa., March 27 / - TruePosition, a leading provider of wireless location solutions and a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation (attributed to its Liberty Capital Group), today announced the availability of the TruePosition Secure User Plane for Location (SUPL) Server for A-GPS. TruePosition's A-GPS SUPL Server allows carriers to provide high-performance location based services (LBS) without making significant changes to their infrastructure.

"TruePosition's A-GPS SUPL Server provides carriers with several advantages including low implementation costs and the ability to easily work alongside other positioning technologies," said Stephen Stuut, CEO of TruePosition. "The TruePosition SUPL Server for A-GPS is a key high-accuracy location technology that wireless operators can deploy to enable high- performance location services such as local search and navigation, as well as bring location capabilities to social networking applications."

The TruePosition SUPL A-GPS server is a fully OMA compliant location solution (OMA SUPL V1.0). The OMA standard uses a network's existing IP infrastructure to transport data between the mobile handset (GPS-equipped mobile phones known as SUPL Enabled Terminals or SETs) and an A-GPS server to support next-generation location-based services. The user plane concept requires no changes to an operator's present GSM network architecture. SUPL reuses existing data communications and services such as Short Message Service (SMS). The TruePosition SUPL server supports both Mobile Station (MS)-Based and MS-Assisted A-GPS Modes. Both SET-initiated and network-initiated location procedures are supported, allowing the mobile to self-locate or be located by the network. The TruePosition Location Platform can support A-GPS technologies, as well as other positioning technologies such as Cell-ID, Enhanced Cell ID and U-TDOA to ensure that an accurate location can be determined with the appropriate mix of location technology to provide the highest possible performance in the most challenging environments.

With 15 years of experience developing and deploying wireless location solutions, TruePosition can supply a total approach to location-enabling any application-ensuring high quality of service, seamless network integration, faster time to market, and most importantly, exceptional customer experiences.

TruePosition offers the SUPL Platform as a hosted solution, and in the near future, it will be offered as an operator-owned, stand-alone module.

About TruePosition
TruePosition is dedicated to the development and implementation of advanced wireless location products, services and devices, providing complete solutions to support the wireless location needs of the global marketplace. In addition to providing industry leading core location technologies, TruePosition supports all levels of the wireless location value chain to offer turnkey solutions.

TruePosition's foundation was built on the development of advanced location systems, which include handset, network and hybrid location solutions. Today, TruePosition can offer hybrid location systems that incorporate Cell ID, Enhanced Cell ID, Uplink Time Difference of Arrival, Angle of Arrival, and Assisted GPS to power the next generation of location- based services.

TruePosition is a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation that is attributed to its Liberty Capital Group (NASDAQ:LINTA)(NASDAQ:LINTB)(NASDAQ:LCAPA)(NASDAQ:LCAPB).

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