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Enhancements to A.MAZE 2.0 fleet optimization software include Real Time Feedback and Response (RTFR), fast geocoding and cartography access, ability to handle larger number of constraints, and Web Services. RTFR allows software to dynamically accept new orders, re-optimize and provide most efficient pickup and delivery schedules to vehicles. Web Services allows software to interface to supply chain management and other transportation management systems.

Original Press Release:

GEOCOMtms Delivers its Newest Version of Constraint-Based Fleet Optimization Software A.MAZE 2.0

Atlanta, Georgia, April 3, 2002 - GEOCOMtms announces that the future of fleet route optimization is here. The release of A.MAZE 2.0 delivers proven benefits to large P&D and LTL fleets by removing previous technical and functional barriers.

This latest version of the distributed component-based application expands GEOCOMtms' footprint and delivers a scalable solution for constraint-based fleet optimization and dynamic dispatch.

The A.MAZE 2.0 solution from GEOCOMtms is based on Web services components that allow the architecture to be scaled to any size problem and facilitates ease of integration. This technology infrastructure, when combined with the constraint-based, genetic algorithm optimization and high quality maps, enables companies with large fleets to implement, automate and reap value from optimizing their operations.

The new capabilities include Real Time Feedback and Response (RTFR), fast geocoding and cartography access as well as the ability to handle an even larger number of constraints. These advanced functionalities enable the management of highly dynamic and complex logistics models. For example: when a courier receives notice of a thousand new pickups scheduled ASAP, the GEOCOMtms system will dynamically accept, re-optimize and provide the most efficient schedules to the vehicles. "RTFR is the future of fleet optimization," said Bernard Tetu, President and CEO of GEOCOMtms, "GEOCOMtms is helping companies break free from the disconnected static planning model and move fleet route optimization into the real world. This will allow them to get the ROI that they have always sought."

Michael Bittner, an analyst at AMR Research Inc., reinforced this statement by saying that "Dynamic dispatching problems related to unscheduled pickups and deliveries require Real Time Feedback and Response (RTFR) capabilities," he added "As wireless technologies become more prevalent, features such as RTFR will become a general requirement of successful fleet management".

These advancements wrapped in the outstanding Web services architecture and a new, extremely flexible interface set a new standard for dynamic dispatch and fleet route optimization.

With the A.MAZE 2.0 release, GEOCOMtms becomes the only fleet route optimization solution to harness the power of Web services.

This architecture is revolutionary to supply chain execution (SCE) and transportation management systems (TMS) because it will remove the barrier to deployment and scalability that has always hampered large enterprises. This in turn will unlock the benefits that have always been promised, but seldom delivered.

"The advanced architecture is coupled with advanced functionality," stated Mr. Tetu, "Most of the solutions in the market cannot even handle the automation of constraint resolution, but rather force the user to drag & drop endlessly to try to find a solution. What we have just released will put an end to toying around with routing, and finally bring about the promised benefits of fleet routing optimization, only possible when fully automated at the enterprise level, within the supply-chain optimization process," concluded Tetu.

GEOCOMtms has renamed its software line A.MAZE 2.0 to better reflect the capabilities of the solution, and has rebundled its former applications, tmsRouter, tmsZoneDesigner and tmsMaps under the new brand.

About GEOCOMtms, INC.
GEOCOMtms' focus is on providing software and services that optimize the daily logistics of fleet operations. The leader in constraint-based fleet route optimization, territory design, tracking & wireless communication solutions, GEOCOMtms powers the transportation industry with a distributed component-based application architecture and Web services, designed to handle very large and complex routing problems. GEOCOMtms is the first to offer the industry a product that utilizes powerful and innovative genetic algorithm optimization. The company operates a network of offices throughout North America with dual headquarters located in Atlanta and Quebec, and has facilities in Boston, Montreal and Toronto. For more information on our products and services, visit our website at

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