Trubolt+® Wedge Anchor offers 360⁰ contact with concrete.

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Featuring strudded body that can resist to high wind and seismic tension, Trubolt+® Wedge Anchor is designed for use in both cracked and un-cracked concrete and is suitable for concrete-based projects and is not bottom-bearing.

Original Press Release:

New Red Head® Trubolt+® Wedge Anchor Launched to Improve Concrete Anchoring

Maximum strength and ultimate flexibility make this wedge anchor best in class for heavy-duty concrete anchoring

ITW Red Head introduced the new Trubolt+ Wedge Anchor to the market, expanding upon the success of the original Trubolt Wedge Anchor. This updated version features a high-strength studded body that's built to resist both high wind and seismic tension. The Trubolt+ Wedge Anchor is also made for use in both cracked and un-cracked concrete.

This enhanced product is designed to have 360-degree contact with the concrete, which provides a strong hold, no matter what the application. Also, because the anchor is not bottom-bearing, the Trubolt+ is perfect for concrete-based projects.

"The Trubolt+ Wedge Anchor is reliable for any building project," said Mike Dill, Innovation Manager. "Its ability to be used in cracked, un-cracked, and seismic concrete conditions paired with its high strength in concrete makes it ideal for any heavy duty job."

Not only is Trubolt+ code compliant, but this wedge anchor also provides the most design flexibility of any anchor on the market. Trubolt+ can be placed closer to the edge of the concrete and closer to one another than other wedge anchors, making it more versatile in placement and project design.

The Trubolt+ Wedge Anchor is available at The Home Depot, Lowe's, and Menards, in-store and online, now.

About Red Head

As the company that invented concrete anchoring technology, Red Head holds a unique place in the history of construction and building. The Red Head brand has become synonymous with the anchoring product category it invented. From the self-drill anchor we invented in 1910, to our new Trubolt+ wedge anchor, we continue to innovate and lead the industry with labor saving, high quality and high performance solutions. To learn more about ITW Red Head, visit for more information.

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