Tropical Products, Inc. Now Manufactures Castile Soap

Salem, MA - As consumers become ever more informed about the importance of sustainable and natural personal care items, Tropical Products, Inc. has now decided to manufacture and private label castile soap. In addition to castile soap, Tropical Products also manufactures a wide variety of private label personal care, animal care and specialty items. "The company's natural heritage has been strong since day one in 1993, when Tropical Products only produced one line of shampoo and I was the only employee," Says Ed Berman, President and founder of Tropical Products, Inc.

Why Castile Soap?

After receiving many requests for private label castile soap, Tropical Products decided to add it to their already large and diverse repertoire of personal care products. Castile soap contains 2-3% natural glycerin which moisturizes and conditions the skin. "Many of our clients are adding castile soap to existing lines such as linen sprays, body lotions and shampoos."

Our Castile Soap

Tropical Products manufactures many different grades of castile soap; from budget and economy versions to high solids comparable in performance to major players in the field. "The beauty of castile soap is that it's one of the most unrefined and time tested soaps in existence. It comes from vegetable oils, namely coconut which means sustainability to your customers."

Packaging Options

The most popular bottle size by far for castile soap to be packaged in is 16oz. However, Tropical Products will fill any size bottle with castile soap, from 2oz up to 275 gallon totes! The most popular caps for castile soap are flip top, but this product lends itself particularly well to pumps.

For more information about Tropical Products, Inc. please visit and complete the contact page. If you would like to speak with Ed Berman, please dial 1-800-643-7387.

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