Trinity Electronics Perfects 700 Projects Over The Last 25 Years

Edmonton, Alberta - From very simple design (a single chip water level monitor) to very complex design systems for diagnosing hydro-electric power generating plants, Trinity Electronics can handle all the electronic projects you have in mind. For more than 25 years in the electronic business, Trinity Electronics has successfully completed more than 700 projects and continues to satisfy more clients for the years to come.

Trinity Electronics caters industrial plants, small to medium manufacturers’ needs from custom electronics design ( to electronic product development ( Providing the right level of technology to solve each problem at the right price and engineering a custom product that fits every customer’s exact application have made the company climb up the ladder of success.

Most of Trinity Electronics' products are based on PCB electronic design ( from simple audio circuit board (, single sided boards with a few passive components to multi-board, multi-layer packages. The company also had great success in creating products for the retrofit markets.

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