Trilithic EASyCAST EAS Encoder Compliant with Evertz HD9725LGA Media Inserters

Indianapolis, Indiana (Monday, April 14, 2008), Trilithic, Inc is pleased to announce efforts to adapt the EASyCAST Encoder/Decoder to send EAS alerts directly via IP to the Evertz HD9725LGA Media Inserters have been successfully completed. Broadcasters can expect a seamless EAS alerts IP solution using the Trilithic EASyCAST Encoder/Decoder and the Evertz HD9725LGA Media Inserter products.

After processing any EAS alert the EASyCAST unit will send the alert over Ethernet to the Evertz HD9725LGA Media Inserter for display on the broadcast stream. A key West Coast customer asked Trilithic to work with Evertz to deliver EAS messages to the HD9725LGA to improve their EAS message delivery. "Evertz was a great partner to work with and understood the value of meeting and exceeding customer's expectations." Said Tom Burka, Trilithic Broadcast Key Account Sales Manager.

"The Industry is moving fast to manage the transition to digital; it was good to work with another vendor that has the right focus in delivering new solutions that meet customer expectations." Says Mo Goyal, Product Manager, Evertz Microsystems. "It's exciting to take a customer's request and make it happen."

Added Art Leisey, Trilithic EAS Director of Technology. "As we continue to grow and meet the challenges of various EAS customers, we expect to develop solutions that exceed customer's expectations. It's an exciting time to be part of this industry."

Trilithic's EASyCAST(TM) Encoder/Decoder system, ideal for Broadcasters in the process of switching to all-digital signal transmission who want to easily switch their emergency alert messaging system to a digital platform.

The IP-based system is part of a seamless, networked EAS solution from Trilithic. Easy to install, set up and operate, the EASyCAST Encoder/Decoder takes up minimal rack space, supports digital and analog protocols, and offers Ethernet support for remote network control. It can also be integrated with Trilithic's EASy Compliance Assistant(TM) automation software, for a seamless, cost-effective EAS management solution.

With the standard EASyNIC Ethernet Card, the EASyCAST Encoder/Decoder connects to a network, allowing for remote programming of alerts and retrieval of EAS events from a networked PC. The EASyNIC card handles digital EAS standards and allows broadcasters to communicate directly with automation software and other peripheral devices.

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