Trident Integrates RoxioNow Platform into Chipset for HDTVs

Sonic Continues to Dramatically Expand the Reach of Partners' Storefronts

NOVATO, Calif. -- Sonic Solutions® (Nasdaq: SNIC) today announced the integration of the RoxioNow(TM) platform into HDTV chipsets from leading system-on-chip (SoC) maker Trident Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRID). With built-in RoxioNow capabilities, consumers of Trident-based HDTVs can enjoy instant access to a wide array of premium entertainment offerings streamed directly to their sets over the Internet, including new-release movies and hit TV shows. By partnering with Trident, whose customers include some of the world's best-known television brands, the agreement continues Sonic's string of successes in extending RoxioNow support across the broadest possible range of televisions, set-top boxes, media players, and mobile devices.

"Consumers want to combine the quality from their digital TVs with the variety and flexibility they receive from streaming," said Dirk Wieberneit, SVP & General Manager of Trident's TV business unit. "RoxioNow provides us with an ideal ready-made solution to give them what they want. Building RoxioNow into our HDTV SoCs makes it easy for our customers in the DTV market to take advantage of the explosive growth in demand for high-quality streamed video content."

Trident's highly integrated, programmable SoC semiconductors act as the brains for DTV and other digital media displays, providing image processing and optimization for video and computer graphic signals. Sonic's broad implementation on device chipsets is expected to result in RoxioNow-powered storefronts appearing on over 95% of all connected BD and HDTV consumer electronics devices shipping over the next several years.

"Trident's role in the DTV chip market makes this an important agreement not simply for us, but for all the other companies -- both manufacturers and content providers -- that have committed to the RoxioNow platform," said Mark Ely, President of Strategy, Sonic Solutions. "The ideal scenario for consumers is a world in which all their entertainment devices work seamlessly to provide the content when and where they want it. Each successive partner we bring on board puts RoxioNow closer to being the universal solution to that need."

The RoxioNow platform serves a broad range of premium content, including new movies and next-day TV programs, to a growing, multi-manufacturer ecosystem of home and mobile electronics. RoxioNow enables storefronts for brick and mortar retailers, cable operators, PC manufacturers, game system vendors, consumer electronics makers, and Hollywood studios' direct-to-consumer initiatives. The platform allows these companies to participate in the entertainment supply chain, add value to product offerings, and form ongoing relationships with customers. "Powered by RoxioNow(TM)" stores enable consumers to instantly rent and purchase high-quality entertainment on their favorite devices and, through the RoxioNow online entertainment library, access their content at any time, on any RoxioNow-powered device.

About Trident Microsystems

Trident Microsystems, Inc., with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, is a leading force in the digital home entertainment market, delivering an extensive range of platform solutions that enhance the consumer experience in the Connected Home. As one of the top-three semiconductor providers to both the TV and set-top box markets, Trident's solutions can be found in the products of leading OEMs and channel partners worldwide. The company's extensive IP portfolio of more than 2,000 patents has been driving key innovations in image quality, 3D TV, low power consumption, and 45nm designs. For further information about Trident and its products, please consult the Company's web site:

About Sonic Solutions

Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC) enables digital media from Hollywood to Home. For more than a decade, Sonic products, service, and technology brands including Roxio®, RoxioNow(TM), DivX®, and MainConcept,have fueled home entertainment, powered rich digital media functionality on a range of platforms for a variety of partners, and inspired unique personal media experiences for hundreds of millions of consumers. Sonic technologies are now combining to deliver a universal platform for Hollywood Studios, retailers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and PC OEMs that provides consumers instant access to premium entertainment from virtually anywhere. Sonic Solutions is headquartered in Marin County, California. Learn more at

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