Triaxial Accelerometers Provide Accurate, Repeatable Measurements in Noisy Industrial Environments

Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. offers a family of triaxial accelerometers ideal for use in industrial environments. These triaxial accelerometers incorporate miniature shear-type accelerometer inserts bonded into a machined aluminum block as part of the design. The electrical isolation provided by the epoxy bonding permits accurate, repeatable measurements even in noisy industrial environments. Designed to perform simultaneous measurement of vibration acceleration in three mutually perpendicular axes, these small, light weight accelerometers are available in several models. Model 610-TX accelerometers weigh only 0.53 oz. (15 Gm) and are an excellent choice for general purpose shock and vibration work where a three dimensional characterization of dynamic responses of a structure is required. The relatively low mass and small size allow testing of large or small specimens. The Model 612-TX with a weight of 0.28 oz. (8 Gm) and a volume of 0.082 cubic inches is designed to meet the most stringent space and mass loading requirements.

The Models 510-TX and 512-TX triaxial piezoelectric accelerometers are designed for low to medium level shock and vibration measurement work. The high sensitivity and broad frequency range makes them a good choice for general testing requirements of most specimens. The Model 510-TX employs three point mounting and the 512-TX utilizes single point mounting. All models in the family are available in high temperature versions that will operate in environments up to +500°F. Customized versions are available through factory consultation.

Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. is ISO9001:2000 with Design & AS9100 Revision B certified. For more information call 1-800-813-8471; Fax: 610-872-3882; e-mail: or visit

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