Transparent Film wraps reams of cut-size paper.

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Propaream(TM) T710P transparent filmic wrap for cut-size paper allows packs to be opened without being destroyed and also allows them to be reclosed when used in combination with resealable label. Material does not require glues for closure, enabling clean packing operation, while wide sealing range allows for large operating window and high speed packaging.

Original Press Release:

New Peelable Transparent Reamwrap Film - Propaream(TM) T710P

March 2009

Innovia Films is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its Propaream(TM) range: a peelable transparent reamwrap film, Propaream(TM) T710P, designed to respond to the requirements of the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) market.

Transparent filmic wrap for cut-size paper is a continuing trend, driven by the need for packaging to stand out in retail displays and convey an image of quality.

Increasingly, the wrapping of a ream of cut-size paper needs to enable brand differentiation and ease of identification, whilst providing adequate protection of the product and excellent machine performance.

For a number of years, Innovia Films has supplied a clear, glossy, acrylic coated OPP film Propaream(TM) T710 which meets these requirements and in 2008 the company launched an Easy Open grade Propaream(TM) T710EO with the time saving benefit of tearlines applied along the lengths of the packs ideally suited to the fast moving cut-size paper market.

"The development of Propaream(TM) T710P is another great example of Innovia Films responding to market demand and adding value to a popular product in our existing reamwrap range to offer our customers something new and unique," said Amaia Cowan, Innovia Films' Market Manager - Speciality Packaging Films.

Propaream(TM) T710P the new transparent peelable packaging film offers all the benefits of the well established T710 grade with the added advantage that the packs can easily be opened, without being destroyed, thanks to the peeling seals. Unlike traditional PE coated paper packaging, this material does not require glues for the closure, enabling a cleaner packing operation. Its wide sealing range allows for a large operating window and high speed packaging.

The packs can then be reclosed when used in combination with a resealable label, ensuring that the paper is kept neatly in pristine condition and adequately protected until the next time it is to be used.

Propaream(TM) T710P has been designed for heavy duty cut size paper reamwrap applications; providing shelf appeal, performance and protection which are critical in this market.

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