Transmitters measure dewpoint and mixing ratio.

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Working directly in high temperature drying processes, DRYCAP® DMT345 probe provides direct measurement in up to 180°C, and also measures relative humidity and temperature. Measuring humidity in temperatures from 140-350°C, DMT346 probe cools without moving parts, additional power, or utilities. Numerical/graphical display shows operational data, measurements trends, and 1 yr measurement history.

Original Press Release:

Direct Dewpoint Measurement in High Temperatures

The new Vaisala DRYCAP® Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitters DMT345 and DMT346 measure dewpoint and mixing ratio directly in high temperature drying processes thus eliminating the need for sampling systems and trace heating pipelines.

The DMT345 probe is designed for direct measurement in temperatures up to 180°C. The optional installation flange allows for adjustable installation depth for precise positioning. The DMT345 also measures relative humidity and temperature.

The DMT346 probe measures humidity in process temperatures between 140°C and 350°C. A cooling set is a standard accessory. System cooling is accomplished without moving parts, additional power or cooling utilities. This removes the risk of damage to the transmitter that may occur due to cooling failures.

Both the DMT345 and DMT346 incorporate the latest Vaisala DRYCAP® Sensor which provides accurate and reliable measurement with proven long-term stability and fast response time. The sensor recovers quickly from getting wet and is immune to particulate contamination, condensation, oil vapor and most chemicals.

Due to the patented auto-calibration feature, both transmitters are low in maintenance. The auto-calibration detects on-line possible measurement inaccuracies and automatically corrects dry-end drift in calibration.

The large numerical/graphical display and multilingual menu allows the user to monitor operational data, measurements trends, and up to one-year of measurement history.

Typical applications include high temperature ovens in the food industry and high temperature drying in the process industry.


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