Transmitter helps locate underground utility lines.

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Dynatel Locators 2200M Series 12 W transmitter provides four active frequencies (577 Hz and 8, 33, and 200 kHz), which can be used individually or simultaneously to compensate varying field conditions and 3 induction frequencies (8, 33, and 200 kHz). It uses either internal 6 x C-size alkaline batteries or rechargeable sealed gel-cell battery that plugs into external power plug. Unit features ohmmeter function and high voltage detection, with 240 Vac output protection.

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3M(TM) Dynatel(TM) Introduces New 12 Watt Transmitter for Locating Underground Utilities

February 17, 2009

AUSTIN, Texas--3M introduced today the new 3M Dynatel Locators 2200M Series. 3M Dynatel harnessed its time-tested technology of Dynatel locators with a stronger 12 watt transmitter that provides the maximum allowed output power when inducing a signal or direct connecting onto utility lines. The higher powered transmitter enables deep depth and extended long distance locates when used in conjunction with any 2200M series receiver.

3M Dynatel 12 watt transmitter provides four active frequencies (577Hz, 8kHz, 33 kHz, 200 kHz), which can be used individually or simultaneously to compensate for varying field conditions and three induction frequencies (8 kHz, 33 kHz, and 200 kHz). The transmitter offers both a normal and high output level for distance locating or other challenging locate situations.

An added benefit of the 12 watt transmitter is the flexibility of using either the internal 6xC-size alkaline batteries or the rechargeable sealed gel-cell battery, a standard accessory that plugs into the external power plug. The maximum output power levels are available when using the rechargeable battery pack or an external 9-18V DC power input.

The new 12 watt transmitter, in the proven rugged housing, is available with sheath fault locating capability in the 2273M-12W model and without in the 2250M-12W model. All models have ohmmeter function and high voltage detection, with 240V AC output protection.

The new 12 watt transmitter is available as a stand alone item or in complete locating kits. Each locating kit includes a 2200M receiver, 12 watt transmitter, two direct connect cables (one with small clips and one with large clips), a three-inch coupler, ground rod, rechargeable battery kit, cigarette lighter adapter, and carrying bag.

"3M's track and trace technology is at the forefront of innovation," said Rory Yanchek, general manager of Track and Trace Solutions. "3M offers enabling technologies developed to address the identification, locating and management needs surrounding assets across multiple industries."

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